Maxy Sanderson

Charity - Poem by Maxy Sanderson


This time you say it’s over,
You say it’s not about her,
And that you’re moving on,
Moving on to greener grasses,

You bend down to kiss me,
Tell me that we should still be friends,
But I don’t believe you,
We were never friends and its not about to start now

You look down at me with those pitying eyes,
I don’t want your charity,
I don’t want you thinking about me,
I don’t want your charity but what I want is for you to leave

I’m such a basket case right now,
I just want to curl up and die,
But I get your messages and your cards,
They say that you’re sorry and that we should have coffee,

I don’t want your charity,
I don’t want all your sympathy,
I don’t want your charity
But I want to see is the back of you, your back facing me,

You send over flowers, chocolates and cards filled with love,
But you see it’s the wrong kind of love,
It’s the wrong of love to me,
Why don’t you see? Why don’t you love me? And why I am still, why am I still, just your charity

I wish I could hurt you,
Watch a bullet to the chest,
But now I know that I only think this because I still love you,
Yes I do, yes I do, I still love you,

I don’t want your charity,
I know you fills you ecstasy,
But do you know what it does to me?
I don’t want you charity and I don’t want your sympathy no more

I’m sitting on the street,
My hairs a mess and so are my feet,
My clothes are all torn and I’m begging for money,
You put some change into my hand

Why don’t you just come back to me?
Why don’t you just believe me?
And why can’t I stop being your charity,
Your charity, your charity, your charity

Does it make you feel better giving all this sympathy?
But what you don’t know is all this charity is making feel bad about me,
I don’t want to be a charity case; I don’t want to be a loser,
So please just come back to me,

I don’t want your charity,
I don’t want your sympathy,
I just want to be with you,
I don’t want your charity.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 18, 2009

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