At Castle Wood Poem by Emily Jane Brontë

At Castle Wood

Rating: 3.3

The day is done, the winter sun
Is setting in its sullen sky;
And drear the course that has been run,
And dim the hearts that slowly die.

No star will light my coming night;
No morn of hope for me will shine;
I mourn not heaven would blast my sight,
And I ne'er longed for joys divine.

Through life's hard task I did not ask
Celestial aid, celestial cheer;
I saw my fate without its mask,
And met it too without a tear.

The grief that pressed my aching breast
Was heavier far than earth can be;
And who would dread eternal rest
When labour's hour was agony?

Dark falls the fear of this despair
On spirits born of happiness;
But I was bred the mate of care,
The foster-child of sore distress.

No sighs for me, no sympathy,
No wish to keep my soul below;
The heart is dead in infancy,
Unwept-for let the body go.

Edward Kofi Louis 08 May 2017

The day is done! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Tom Allport 08 May 2017

a very sad poem of accepting ones fate with no light at the end of the tunnel? .................sorrowfully penned.

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Rajnish Manga 08 May 2017

The poem reflects the state of mind when in despair. Very poignant portrayal. Thanks. No star will light my coming night; No morn of hope for me will shine;

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Nudershada Cabanes 07 May 2019

Poignantly beautiful. A reader can feel the anguish and sentiment in this poem.

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Mahtab Bangalee 07 May 2019

at castle wood the lonely mind feels the around amazingly; superb poetic expression

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Savita Tyagi 07 May 2019

Night of despair so well expressed.

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Mirela Athanas 07 May 2019

" Unwept - for let the body go" .. very sad poem, masterly expressed by Emily as only she could...

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Dr Antony Theodore 07 May 2019

great poem indeed. tony

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Alouwou Mandjah 07 May 2019

congratulations Emily Jane Brontë

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Varsha M 07 May 2019

So well writter about the lone journey. Every word has to speak and describe the minute emotions it holds within itself. Lovely and beautiful.

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Emily Jane Brontë

Emily Jane Brontë

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