Chasing Saturn Poem by Amber Piercy

Chasing Saturn

Rating: 5.0

Chasing Saturn

Prompt: Let's Slide Down Saturn's Rings!

I scream tag your it, as I quickly run away
Your laughter chases behind me
It's a warm spring day
The pale moons are all I see
My lungs begin to scream
But I can't slow down
This all feels like a dream
As my feet slam against the ground
I dodge around a small crater
And leap over a pile of rocks
The air is a soft green blur
Just a girl running in her socks
I can feel you close behind me
But I just don't want you to win
I feel so light and free
As I start to grin
I dive into the milky blue river
Saturn has become my home
The cool air makes me shiver
The ripples tell me I'm not alone
I try to calm my heart
That was a wild chase
Let us never part
As I kiss your face
Let us swim the water's of Saturn
And make love on the shore
The fire will surely burn
And leave you wanting more
Let us holla hoop with her rings
And dance along the milky way
Let's talk about trivial things
Until we run out of words to say
Because you are my whole galaxy
So let's get lost in space
As long as your with me
Then life is worth winning the race

A.D. Small
April 23,2024


Enchanting love story, Amber. Enjoyed. Top score

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Amber Piercy 30 April 2024

Thank you so much for your comment I greatly appreciate it hope you have a good day!

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