The Becoming Poem by Amber Piercy

The Becoming

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The Becoming

There's nothing like rain on an old tin roof
That can stir up the smallest truth
Once combined you shall have your proof
That even the smallest apple can break a tooth

In the stillness answers will come
Following the rains rhythmic drum
Finding yourself is worth the fun
So do it blindly while you hum

All the answers you need can be found
If you just take a second to look around
The truth is solid and sound
But first you must break the ground

You must dive deep within
To turn each stone to begin
Uncover every rock and only then
Can you examine each beautiful sin

To close your eyes and listen to the rain
To empty all thoughts from your brain
To exhale all the love and pain
And just focus on all that you can gain

To let go of all that ugly
To throw knives at your own insanity
Let yourself come to terms with thee
Then inhale all of life's beauty

The becoming has begun
So set sail into the northern sun
Then trust yourself and not the run
And truly make time to have fun

I will forever love you dear self
I should take the time for my mental health
To categorize everything upon my shelf
And balance my own spiritual wealth

Then I can break free
To trust everything with such intensity
To give love to the woman inside me
And make peace out of life's beauty

A.D. Small
June 15,2022

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: self discovery,reflection,true love,family,faith,hope,inner voice,inner joy,inner peace,be free,rain,rain drops
Mark Heathcote 25 June 2022

Nice last stanza brings it all home well.

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Amber Piercy 11 July 2022

Thank you very much i am glad that you liked it. Have an amazing day! ! !

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It is quite important to a life of our own. And "make peace out of life's beauty". To understand that Life is beautiful, we have look around us more often. Good poem. Full of positive energy. Positive thoughts. Top score

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Amber Piercy 16 June 2022

I sometimes find my head in the clouds when it comes to life. And writing helps me come back down to Earth. I also feel like slowing down is important and stopping to smell the roses once in a while is also good for you. Thanks for enjoying my work and as always have a fantastic day! ! ! ! !

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