Lil Davis

Chemistry (A Funny Poem About Chemistry, A Much Hated Subject In High School 1994) - Poem by Lil Davis

Its simply the best.
Chemistry's betther than all the rest
Cause Mrs Rowen treats us the best.
Let's lay her in the ground and put her to rest.

We buried her deep and dark
She was left buck naked in the park.
We buried her chemistry book with her, so never again could she say she was right.
We had left her in the pitch black of the night.

We shall hear her voice 'girls are you following the book'
'yes miss' we reply and give her an evil look.

If you double the pressure, the volume will half.
We stuck the cross int he dirt and had a good laugh.
P1/T1=P2/T2 how is this going to help me decide what occupation to do?

We dug her up just for one last look.
But we found her reading theat bloody chemistry book.
Her mouth was open,
Her mouth was in a wiry grin
We could tell by her breath that she'd been drinking gin.

We stole her book and closed the coffin lid.
We buried her deeper, oh yes we did.
Our cross still stands.

Your'e a champ if you know Boyles law.
It will give you a top grade in the HSC for sure.
She once was an OK teacher
But now shes nothing but a chemistry preacher.

Dreams of her smiling down upon us asking 'where are you up to? '
I know whats going through her mind
What is the next chemical she adds to her deadly brew.

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