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Its simply the best.
Chemistry's betther than all the rest
Cause Mrs Rowen treats us the best.
Let's lay her in the ground and put her to rest.

Spelt it wrong?
Here's a rubber just rub it out.
I coloured outside the lines,
I drew a crooked line.

The night is grey and the sky is blue.
When you wish your dreams will come true.
Promise me you will hold me tight and
one day you will become a star.

You consume my mind, my heart, my body
Dare I say you are the object of my obsession?
Every waking hour its you I have running through my veins
You are like a habit I just can not quite

Pull their strings to make your puppets dance.
manipulate them, then let them fall to the ground.
Walk silently away as the curtains close.

If you're trying to hurt me, You're doing it perfectly.
If you're trying to make me feel worthless, your job is done.
If you're trying to break my heart, consider it broken.
If you're trying to push me away, I'm gone.

A smile flickers across my lips
My heart skips a beat
Your hand brushes my leg
Your breath on my neck makes my body go weak

A world of darkenss, a place full of shadows.
Hiding behind my mask of happiness, my soul slowly dies.
I cry but I'm not sure why.

Keeping my feelings so deep within my soul has left me with a gaping hole.
The darkness closes in as disgusting thoughts run through my mind. Always putting myself down,
Never treating myself kind.

I sit alone in my room and I think of you.
I'm thinking about the love I hope to find.
It's your face that is always on my mind.
You look so inocent and sweet.

You can hear the war cries.
You see yet another soldier die.
The earths dirt is stained with the blood of the dead and wounded.

LIke a memory from the past you came back to unexpectidly.
You're a mystery man
BuT I should know you like the back of my hand.

I'm just a girl looking for some happiness.
Looking for a heart to call her own.
A place to lay down softly.
Wanting a safety zone.

I’m sorry I didn’t stay
I’m sorry we had to go
Maybe we could have made it through
I am tying to make the best of what I have

Goodbye love
Time to close the door
Time to put it to rest
We are no more

I wish I was a better mother
I have made mistakes and affected my angel every time
People say children are adaptable, she will be fine.
What if I have changed the person she is?

I don’t know if I have enough trust and faith left in this
The love remains but is it enough to get me through?
Is it time to make a new start for me and my girl?
Heart over mind, mind over heart?

Watching people whiz by.
Wondering what their stories are
Do they laugh or do they cry?

A cold breeze blows between us, no warmth to be found.
Hearts crumpled in a heap on the floor
They are continuously being beaten down
We hurt each other with the words we say.

Laying awake at night wondering what went wrong.
No more denial, no more hope.
Just cold hard truth.

Lil Sutton Biography

Most of my poetry is simply me expressing how i feel. Often I am able to write my feelings better than to verbalise them. I have been writing poetry since the age of 10 or so. The poem 'A poem from my daughter' was written by my daughter. who was 12 at the time. Most of my poetry is of love or is what it is. Please feel free to leave comments or feedback. Enjoy!)

The Best Poem Of Lil Sutton

Chemistry (A Funny Poem About Chemistry, A Much Hated Subject In High School 1994)

Its simply the best.
Chemistry's betther than all the rest
Cause Mrs Rowen treats us the best.
Let's lay her in the ground and put her to rest.

We buried her deep and dark
She was left buck naked in the park.
We buried her chemistry book with her, so never again could she say she was right.
We had left her in the pitch black of the night.

We shall hear her voice 'girls are you following the book'
'yes miss' we reply and give her an evil look.

If you double the pressure, the volume will half.
We stuck the cross int he dirt and had a good laugh.
P1/T1=P2/T2 how is this going to help me decide what occupation to do?

We dug her up just for one last look.
But we found her reading theat bloody chemistry book.
Her mouth was open,
Her mouth was in a wiry grin
We could tell by her breath that she'd been drinking gin.

We stole her book and closed the coffin lid.
We buried her deeper, oh yes we did.
Our cross still stands.

Your'e a champ if you know Boyles law.
It will give you a top grade in the HSC for sure.
She once was an OK teacher
But now shes nothing but a chemistry preacher.

Dreams of her smiling down upon us asking 'where are you up to? '
I know whats going through her mind
What is the next chemical she adds to her deadly brew.

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