Cherished Memories Poem by Kavya .

Cherished Memories

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When I walk past the memory lane
I recollect all the little happiness that we did gain,
Today everything looks so changed and new
I wonder how fast the time flew!

Yes, the childhood memories
Keep crossing my mind,
I wonder if those worry free and stress free days
This lifetime will I ever find?

Days when we played together
And every silly joke brought laughter,
When we used to fight n complain
But still unite for a profitable bargain.

Your caring nature for your younger sis
Always came to me as a bliss,
I remember your new bicycle which was our dad's gift
I was the first lady of your life to whom you gave a lift: -)

How we used to stealthily do pranks
And favour each other without a thanks,
Supporting each other in times of trouble
Celebrating every victory with a cuddle.

Yes, this poem is dedicated to you, my brother,
For a reason
For the best days we spent together
Irrespective of any season.

Today we are grown ups v can say
With no time left for play,
Though those carefree days are gone
We still have with us cherished memories that last for long!

Kavya . 28 January 2013

thnkx dear, yeah those days r golden days, n its impossible to retrieve them again.....hope u find time to visit your fav places of childhood soon!

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Valsa George 29 January 2013

Childhood memories entail with them a special charm, they often revisit us and leave us nostalgic! A great dedication to your dear brother, Kavya! !

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Chandra Thiagarajan 29 January 2013

Childhood memories are always pleasant and you have spelled them with such beauty recalling the lovely days with your brother in your wonderful poem - - Cherished Memories- - I hope your brother enjoyed your great write.

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Amar Abbas 29 January 2013

Beautiful imagery painted.

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Praneeth Remidi 07 February 2013

A rhymng write up..... touching tooo...

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parth 17 August 2022

the worlds best poem ihave won a gold medal for resiting this poem

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Raj Kumar Singh 21 July 2020

Are you the the real writer

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Edward Kofi Louis 27 September 2015

Memories are part of life; with the muse of the past reflecting on us. Thanks for sharing.

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Josey Alfred 29 March 2015

A very good poem, simple language, enjoyed reading. You have rhymed it correctly.

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Heather Wilkins 26 September 2013

beautifully written about childhood memories. a nice tribute to your brother.

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