Happy Teachers Day Poem by Kavya .

Happy Teachers Day

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Remembering fondly my teachers
On this day
As I walk decades back
To pay tribute in a humble way.

Our Principal Ms. Latha Mam
Was as strict as her position demanded
We used to pretend to be scared of her
Though comments at the back would later shower

Our first and foremost teacher, Ms. D'souza Teacher
Short in stature but very kind in nature
The first teacher who taught us to write A B C D
A very sweet and adorable lady was she.

Our Marathi Teacher Ms.Athalye Teacher
Tiny and frail was her structure
She used to come, read the entire chapter
None in the class would pay heed to her
Instead we used to make fun and get buried in laughter.

Our Geography Teacher, Ms. Bhagwat teacher
Tall and stout was her personality
A serious look she had
Though often she would laugh and joke
A kind of sleepy lecture for all folk

Our English & History Teacher, Ms.Vijaya Teacher
Short and plump with a loud voice
Would always notice me and my friend talking
And tell us 'get out of the class'
Outside the class we would giggle more
From the class at us she would again roar!

Our Hindi Teacher, Ms Seema Teacher
Middle aged Maharashtrian lady
Hindi she would speak less and Marathi more
Had only one favourite student whom she would always adore!

Our Maths & Sci Teacher, Ms. Manisha Teacher
Curly hair, very fair, was good looking and cool
Was liked by mostly all in the school
Her teachings were also best and interesting too

Our Drawing & Craft Teacher, Ms. Dabke Teacher
Taught us to make items out of paper and clay
Drawing too was learnt by us to some extent
A period meant for some leisure and enjoyment!

The picture that I have drawn above of all teachers
Are not to make fun of them
Instead I from the bottom of my heart salute and respect them
For bearing us, For imparting good education and Nourishing our Career
By watering our childish roots and standing by us like a strong stem.

I wish all my teachers and to all those who have been 'gurus' in my life A HAPPY TEACHERS DAY.

Inspired by poems posted on this site on this Great Day.
Inspired by Dinesh Sir's poem specifically naming his teachers and his 6 stars on this Day.
Neela Nath Das 11 September 2013

A nice tribute to your teachers! 10+++

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Rajkamal P.j 12 September 2013

Keep writing...Expecting more poems...Best of luck...

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Valsa George 06 September 2013

Kavya, like Chaucer's pilgrims, your teachers stand in vivid sketches! How quickly, by drawing inspiration from Dinesh, you have created a marvel of a poem! Of all, I think your Hindi teacher who spoke more of Marathi than Hindi is the most interesting! ! ,

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Abhishek Mishra 10 September 2013

what a beautiful poem this is..very well composed: -)

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 11 September 2013

Very nice eulogy.I love this.

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faslul farooj 07 October 2019

I can’t believe

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Sahra Hussein 01 December 2015

Teachers are second parents because they thought us all the kind of the knowledge we have today they are important position in our society so They deserve our respect.

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Shahin Latif 23 November 2015

Excellent done. I love this. Thanks a lo poet Kavvy...

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Yasmin Khan 26 September 2013

a nice tribute to teachers..........very interestingly and respectfully you've mentioned all your teachers.

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Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair 25 September 2013

After all those years of learning My mind still has an yearning To go back to those benches of school And on hot noons feel the window breeze cool Even as geography go on about camels and sands And the Maths teacher scratches out equations bland I would be lost in day dreams of distant lands Where faeries come and play with magic wands... (Good work Kavya - keep writing)

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