Child Among Adults Poem by Paula Glynn

Child Among Adults

An innocent 20 year old woman
Having been sheltered from life
From the brutality and violence
And other hardships of life in the city
Her colourful and artistic mind innocent

Seeing her good friends
With life partners easily found
In happy relationships
In content relationships
And exciting relationships

A single 20 year old woman
Always reading library books
Always watching DVDs
That are wholesome and mild
Adults entertaining a child

A child with a 20 year old mind
Not partaking of adventures
Of the physical and heart emotions
Her trust in love
On high pessimistic delight

Dirty TV shows waiting
Waiting for beautiful flowers
In the secret garden to grow
Forbidden flowers waiting to show
That exotic brown eyed man to grow

And desires of the heart
Cannot be ignored forever
Lustful love and real passion
Cannot be pushed aside
And - with difficulty - ignored

Female sexuality all consuming
Male sexuality all consuming
The heart loving the forbidden thrill
Of passionate one night affairs
To long term relationships

An innocent 20 year old woman
To reject all this knowledge
Out of fear and resentment
Then after hard times finally admitting
All consuming sexual desire

Where this fear comes from
No one knows: no one ever to know
But that exotic man grows and grows
His wonderful excitement to show
His broad and hard body deeply sexy

Years and years pass
An innocent 20 year old
Not a child among adults anymore
And loving sensual desire
Like perfume sprayed at the start of the night.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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