Childhood Memories Poem by Theo Williams

Childhood Memories

Rating: 5.0

Contained in this world is one specific hatred
Colour and ethnicity; these differences denigrated
Before I was born, I knew I was already hated
‘Cause of the colour of my skin, constantly humiliated.

Beaten and chopped down to my knees
Clasping my hands hoping higher power would see
That humans are defiling us coloured beings
Destroying our morale and optimistic dreams.

My mind was trapped by the chaos and insanity
For the evil and wickedness had unforgettably found me
These satanic thoughts produced from being unfree
Had destroyed all hope toward a moral humanity.

In the eyes of civilisation the world was paradise
But for us it was torment, a wilderness of nothing but ice
Abhorrence toward colour, a statement so concise
To them we were just bugs, like filthy head lice.

Memory serves this as an inflicted pain
Remembering this hell, torrents of agony will rain
This anguish has made me wise and mature
To help write a more sanguine future.

Alicia Meyers 03 August 2012

Constantly crying your pain's and sorrow's, Feeling your hurtful tomorrow's, Just pondering through life, Wanting to know how it feels like. They all say; It's a horrifing nightmare every day, Feeling like your attatched to death, It's like living one's life to it's last remaining breath. - this poem made me cry so much. But I absolutly love the two last lines.

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The Reader 04 July 2012

Outburst of a precocious mind! Before I was born, I knew I was already hated ‘Cause of the colour of my skin, constantly humiliated.

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Kara Towe 04 July 2012

May God bless you on your journey. You are very brave to have shared this deeply moving poem. Continue to reach for a better tomorrow God will give you double for your trouble. From ashes comes beauty. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for the invite. Sincerely, Kara

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