My Sunrise Poem by Theo Williams

My Sunrise

Rating: 4.9

The chirp of birds in the early morning
Bless my smiles with their innocent calling
I head outside with my blanket wrapped around
And lay there listening to this memorable sound.

Inspiring orange light of dawn, infatuating
With all colours the sun rise is portraying
Its cheerful glow fills my heart with serenity
And takes me to a tranquil fantasy.

Amaranth red shimmers of vitality
Creating the most curing reality
Shines transparently through my soul
And takes me to a place so beautiful.

Hues emphasise pure yellow rays of hope
That warms my aura lost in the clouds reflective pink coat
This morning ambience has risen bright
Like heaven shone down with its piercing light.

There will be no melancholy, only a feeling so gay
Because my sun, you've just started my day.

Ramesh Rai 28 June 2012

an unique talent to compose poem in such a tender age. Amazing, you can realise such feelings and express. beautiful. keep it up with your study.

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Yewande Adedokun 30 June 2012

ah, dis one takes me away, i wont return with d night until another sunrise comes from you.

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Kasia Fedyk 28 June 2012

Sublime Theo, it is the feeling of God's hand and his love that flows through the ray of the sun filling the soul with joy and happiness, I feel like that too many times. How captivation! :)

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My dear Theo, What a lovely poem. It explains your vision so clearly that I can almost see what you saw. God does paint some marvelous scenery for us to enjoy. Alice

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Wabi Sabi 28 June 2012

it is a well written! are you sure you are only 18? I don't speak English as an official language. I have found some things out of your piece that I hardly can do. woo, I am so jealous! thanks for share!

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Rishi Kaashyap 20 December 2012

A Wonderful Piece Mr. Theo... Keep Writing :) Rishi

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Kallan Keogh 01 July 2012

You, sir, are a great poet. I love the way you worded it. I think it's great and you should never stop writing. :) ~K

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Aisha Alansari 01 July 2012

Cool.. ao inspirational.. I really like your poems

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Hamid Negah 30 June 2012

Lovely, your poems is everytime in top.

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Hamid Negah 30 June 2012

Lovely, your poem is everytime in top.

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