Children's Rhymes Poem by Langston Hughes

Children's Rhymes

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By what sends
the white kids
I ain't sent:
I know I can't
be President.
What don't bug
them white kids
sure bugs me:
We know everybody
ain't free.

Lies written down
for white folks
ain't for us a-tall:
Liberty And Justice--
Huh!--For All?

Melvina Germain 21 April 2009

I wish he would have lived to see that change is taking place and we have that Black President but we still have a long road ahead of us in creating (ONE) among mankind. Ahh but now we know there is hope and definitely possibility, so we move forward with a positive view.

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Thank God for Obama who has taught us that little black boys and girls can indeed grow up to be presidents. Hughs died in 1967 and when he wrote those words they were so applicable but a new day has come. And though there is still struggle and strain we have made some great gain.

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Jetty J Newnham 22 September 2012

I love this, I really on the writing of people like Hughes, & also Maya Angelou, to understand what life was like I can read history books but the good guys dont always write the books.

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Linda Winchell 17 January 2009

Even though Obama is our President and Black, the sin of man is still loud and clear! When one has to overcome all the obsticals in life and some being the way we look, dress, or that color of our skin being different than what is considered acceptable. Life goes on! Good write and I am sorry that he didn't live long enough to see history made. 'God Bless America'

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very powerful even with the voice of a child. something that is still kind of true today, except it may not seem that way on the surface. but thru other more subtle things minority children are still held down.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 November 2023

A small typing error: Mr. Obama has been twice the President Of The USA. I am very proud of him

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 November 2023

Congrats to the family of the late great poet his poem is chosen by Poem Hunter And Team as The Classic Poem Of The Day! Hoorray!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 November 2023

He is absolutely right.5 Stars Full for this amazing honest poem. I do hope more Obama's will come, CHANGE can always take place. Mr. Obama has a white mother and a black father, the fact is Mr. Obama won twice, and had been for 8 years The President for the USA.

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Mahtab Bangalee 02 September 2020

Liberty! Justice! Just written words in the constitution books of world Merely words! Nothing else! The polished leader biting and eating the heart of humanity No leader from the won’t be from the kingdom of human but can be from beastly manner nowadays

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