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Christmas At Mel’s

Rating: 4.8

Sadie slumped in the chair
at her favorite table at Mel's.
Merry Christmas. Yeah, so what?
Six empty glasses were lined up
in front of her on the chipped Formica.
The glass that was still in her hand she
studied with the same intensity
a demented gypsy might upon seeing
her favorite crystal ball suddenly deflated.

The lines in her face met in an intricate pattern
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Shannon Chapel 06 December 2005

Tragic and sad. Well done. S

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Michael Shepherd 11 November 2005

Respect, respect - and seasonal greetings to your big heart, CJ! I'm with Allan on this!

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Allan James Saywell 10 November 2005

when i first arrived at poem hunter with my little bag of poems i think i had sixty i used to read CJ HECK and i was in awe of her and do you know i'm still in awe of her and if you read this poem you will know why Warm regards Allan

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Uriah Hamilton 10 November 2005

Everywhere you can find a beautiful heart, good poem, C.J.!

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Charles Chaim Wax 10 November 2005

when all appears lost grace and that bit of miracle is enough to manifest the inherent possibility every life meets when the heart is open I enjoyed the sadness but even more so the surge of human love in all its forms

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