Christmas Cards Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

Christmas Cards

A joy, but once a year.
Sending out Christmas Cards
To family and friends
Spreading holiday cheer!

Cards received, displayed in my home.
Ones recently received,
And those from long ago.

The ones from my mother
Who left this world
Seven years ago.
Her loving notes,
Ending with X's and O's.

Friday, January 24, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love,mother
Written 0605am,24 January 2020.X's are kisses and O's hugs..See my poem - Christmas at Sixty-nine.When poems come to me, I must list immediately as I may not have tomorrow.
Bri Edwards 29 January 2020

here is mine from 2006: Christmas Cards...... [keeping In Touch At 'The Holidays'; Personal; Short] At Christmas time I have NO tree. NO colored lights are lit by me. But, when mailbox I open, I’m especially hopin’....... that cards from a few..... good friends I’ll see. Cards often have small pieces of art, even, at times, thoughts from the heart of some member of the cast..... of the addressee’s own past, keeping them linked...... though they’re apart bri :)

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Darwin Henry Beuning 30 January 2020

Bri, Grand poem, thanks for sharing! ! ! !

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Bri Edwards 29 January 2020

" Ones, recently received" i'd move comma ahead two words. :) i have memories of " Mom" , but no cards. memories take up less space. My favorite cards are the ones containing money. bri :) to MyPoemList

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Kim Barney 24 January 2020

I think it's great that you still send out Christmas cards, keeping the post office in business. I quit sending them maybe thirty years ago, and just think of all the postage I've saved! You also used to work for the post office, something you and Bri Edwards have in common. (Maybe that can be the subject of your next poem!)

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Darwin Henry Beuning 25 January 2020

Kim, yes I enjoyed being a letter carrier (Mailman) . Worked out of the Sugar House post office (Zone 5 mail) . But, after 7 months I transferred to a File Clerk job with the Veterans Administration. I stayed with them 18 years. The job - a level surface and no dogs! !

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Flower Prince 24 January 2020

Your Christmas cards are beautiful. Thank you for Christmas wishes! Wow1 Wow!

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Darwin Henry Beuning 25 January 2020

Thank you for the comment! ! Christmas is my favorite time of year.

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