Life - High Noon Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

Life - High Noon

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Our lives are filled
With Critical moments,
I call them
High Noon moments.

You're driving down a street,
Suddenly a car swerves into
Your lane,
High Noon moment.

You're hiking on
A steep mountain trail,
You slip,
High Noon moment.

Be Aware,
They can happen at anytime,
Day or night
At home or away.

Life - High Noon
Friday, March 11, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: life
0834am 11 March 2022. High Noon was a 1952 movie starring Gary Cooper with the song High Noon sung by Tex Ritter.
Cowboy Ron Williams 11 March 2022

High Noon may come Too Soon. Great old movie. As Belle said, thanks for the memories.

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Belle Wassermeister 11 March 2022

'Do not forsake me, oh my darling, on this our wedding day'. I LOVED that song and that movie. Thanks for the sweet memories.

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Grace Diane Jessen 15 March 2022

A good and thought-provoking poem with images that make us stop and think! I've experienced high noon moments in a car and heard of hikers who slipped and fell to their death. The poem reminds us to be aware. Good job.

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Kim Barney 17 March 2022

Right on, Hank. When our High Noon moment comes, will we make the right choices? Food for thought.

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Bri Edwards 31 May 2022

(cont.) .... be ready to 'kiss your goodbye'! ! ! ;) Holding onto a bedpost usually won't work. bri : ))))

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Bri Edwards 31 May 2022

Guess what, Hank. I left two comments a couple weeks ago. Not all 'moments' can be foresee nor avoided. If it is a life or death momentr, try to be 'ready' to

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Bri Edwards 12 May 2022

I've had four 'High Noon' moments and always said 'I do' to the matrimonial official. None of them killed me, but..... ;) bri

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Bri Edwards 12 May 2022

Yes, High Noon 'western' movie (1952) with Gary Cooper as the lawman. Now to read the poem after the comments. Could your poem be THAT good? ! ;)

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Ryan Figgins 31 March 2022

Fantastic poem my friend. I remember the day when you came up with the idea. Keep up the good work Hank.

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Ryan, Yes we had a discussion on the movie and how there are high noon moments in life, you said it had the makings of a good poem and encouraged me to write one. Thank you! !

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