**cicada - 3 Haiku Poem by Ben Gieske

**cicada - 3 Haiku

Rating: 3.3

These appeared on Sketchbook, A Journal for Eastern and Western Art Forms as part of the results of the July / August 31,2009 'Cicada' Kukai

first date
cicada and me

on the tree bark
a cicada shell
its song remembered

at the waterfall
trees rain down
cicada trills

Sandra Fowler 01 October 2009

Very appalachian in mood and content. I love the second one. Congratulations! Warm wishes, Sandra

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Lillian Thomas 25 September 2009

three little gems, but the last one has the longest resonance, it leaves more unsaid. That's the hardest part of writing good haiku, but you are mastering the form. You deserve to be published with such fine pieces as these/

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Sandra Martyres 24 September 2009

Just beautiful Ben, I have always been fascinated by haiku....but you take it to a different level altogether...I need top discover Sketchbook...10+++

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Meggie Gultiano 24 September 2009

a pleasure to read this piece Ben.And I was able to take a glimpse of this poem of yours in the Sketchbook.Simply beautiful.

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Ben, these are all a delight and congratulations for having them published on Sketchbook. I really like the last one and I can imagine vividly the waterfall, the trees, rain and cicada trills. It is picturesque and their trills add so much more. I will now think of a Cicada in a much more creative way.....10 love Karin

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