...Words Poem by Ben Gieske


Rating: 4.0

are like water
..............in a stream

endlessly flowing
..............into meaning


dissolving elements
...............cascading sentences

until becoming
...............manuscripted documents

July 7,2008

Sathyanarayana M V S 19 May 2009

'endlessly flowing into meaning' Beautiful indeed.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 06 May 2009

Splendid 10 ++

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Meggie Gultiano 16 April 2009

this is a very lovely piece, Sir Ben.I love it

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Teresa Dearing 04 April 2009

Nice, smooth, flowing, like the style. T

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~ Jon London ~ 09 March 2009

Your words flow beautifully my friend, nice read so 10 from me

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Ivor Hogg 21 August 2009

words are drawn from many sources and can change their meanings/What the poet means is not neccessarily what the reader what the reader understands You did a good job with your words crystal clear

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Irene Clark-hogg 22 July 2009

A delightful waterfall of word. Irene

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Duncan Wyllie 18 July 2009

I have a very strong feeling That there is so much more in this one then at first meets the eye, , absolutely amazing, and so true, , Love duncan X

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Lillian Thomas 12 June 2009

I don't know how I missed this one, its got it all: the imagery, the structure and the typography all echo the meaning.I especially like the use of parallel gerunds: '...flowing...gathering...dissolving...cascading... becoming'

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Sameer Ahmed 06 June 2009

The audiogram of life has to be fluent with less peaks in it. The reasons are for what we use as words can even hit back us tomorrow. The peculiarities of words has been polished beautifully in this unique poem that apperently looks simple but has a hidden meaning in it that can only be conceived by one who knows all the importance of words and their ethical usage.....a very inspirational poem Ben.......an absolute 10.....

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