***her Spirited Smile Poem by Ben Gieske

***her Spirited Smile

Rating: 3.5

(dedicated to Meggie Gultiano)

deep from within
arises from a flaming core
the fire of many suns

a fluorescent jewel
visible from afar
burning with desire

streaming outward
throughout the cosmos
springs a symphony

her voice resounding
a nightingale chorus
embraces a canyon of souls

her smile seeking
from galaxy to galaxy
to touch all in need

promising a pathway
to eternal joy
ever free

- September 24,2009

Patti Masterman 25 September 2009

There's a lot of beauty and compelling imagery in here. Great writing, as usual. (smile)

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Sandra Martyres 25 September 2009

Ben, a truly beautiful and well deserved tribute to Meggie. I am sure she will be delighted when she reads this compelling piece...I agree with Patti...another masterpiece from your talented pen

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Beautiful tribute.I'm sure Meggie will be elated by your magical words..a ten and I linked your poem to Facebook..

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Meggie Gultiano 25 September 2009

Surprised to see and read this, that this poem is for me, Ben. What a loving and beautiful piece dedicated to me.Thank you so much Ben, from the bottom of my heart.for the time and talent you shared with me and your PH friends. This is rich in imagery, your words flow gently and lovingly like the wind that whispers softy in to my ears.I particularly love these lines of yours that really tells about me, the inner me. her smile seeking from galaxy to galaxy to touch all in need I am greatly honored and so blessed to have you as my friend. I deeply appreciate your words.Shalom! ! ! God bless you.. Hugs, Meggie

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Ency Bearis 26 September 2009

A beautiful dedication to Meggie, a remarkable verses for a lovely woman with a brilliant words to describe with...very nice.......10

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Ken E Hall 15 October 2009

A shining tribute thru a shining poem I'm sure her spirited smile will grow bigger with your poetic kindness uavanice1 regards

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Robert Howard 08 October 2009

A worth lyrical tribute to a lady of exceptional grace, imagination and kindness of heart.

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Catrina Heart 04 October 2009

This is such a beautiful poem of dedication to a beautiful and ever loving poetess Meggie. Great metaphorical lines for her florescent beauty and pearlescent charisma. Outstanding piece.............10+++++++++

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Irene Clark-hogg 03 October 2009

I am sure that anyone should be proud to have such a delightful piece of work dedicated to their name. You make the lady some-one all would wish as a friend. Your descriptive phrases are always a pleasure to read. Irene

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Seema Chowdhury 27 September 2009

this is such a nice and lovely poem.my tributes to Maggie too. i don't know her personally but through this poem i felt i could peep inside her for a while. thanks for shaqring this beautiful poem.

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