Circular Journey Poem by soren Barrett

Circular Journey

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I was a fleck of energy before the birth of time
Conscious of so little, in nothingness, density sublime
Becoming a subatomic particle in the vastness of space
Now matter, many of energies forces it did erase
Then an atom to this transformation I did progress
The forces of attraction then, I did possess
A molecule how long it took to get to this point
Yet in this transition so little awareness it did me anoint
Next a major transition to the spark of life
Now conscious of my position being aware of strife
Billions of years of evolution to reach the human gate
Sensation, perception, and thoughts to formulate
I incorporate seven octillion atoms of the past
One from Pythagoras, Shakespeare a slave and an outcast
With each death a memory lost and a new transformation
When I'm gone I'll always return to the beginning of creation.

Nosheen Irfan 19 December 2022

Great philosophical thoughts. You have put it so well. Kudos!

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David Wood 18 December 2022

Good philosophical verse! But where will you go in a multiverse? Another philosophical problem, where and who were you before yr parents were born? ?

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