Paula Glynn

Veteran Poet - 1,681 Points (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

Cleansing Water - Poem by Paula Glynn

Cleanse my skin with holy water,
Let the water wash away all my sins,
As I search within,
For truth and justice,
In this harsh world I live in,
Where I run into trouble everyday,
And I often feel dirty by what I do,
I sometimes feel let down by you,
So I want to release my sins,
And cleanse my soul of hate,
As I bathe in this holy water,
That washes away all my sins,
And helps me start anew,
To paint my world the colour of sunshine,
Instead of dreary grey clouds,
Where the mud and rain,
Dirty our skin and hair,
And we feel as if others don't care,
The people that always let down me and you,
And poisons our veins with hate and anger,
So let it all go,
As the water upon our heads flow,
And free our souls of blackened hatred,
That poison our hearts,
And stop us seeing beauty in the world,
For I do not want to be blind,
I want to be free to enjoy the fruits of the earth,
Because you and I are gold,
In our hands, our hearts we hold,
And we don't give up,
For we believe in the holy,
And we bathe away our sins,
Water making us pure once again.

Water cleanses my skin,
And cleanses my soul to the core,
I am not a rotten apple,
I am holy and pure.
I see the world in a different sense,
No matter the past, present or future tense,
Maybe god is my saviour,
Or even just a higher power beyond comprehension,
And it doesn't matter boy, man, girl or woman,
It teaches values, regardless of any belief system,
Because I do not want to be dirty all the time:
Sometimes I want to relax and rewind,
Whether a heart-warming bath,
Or in a river by a preacher,
I pray up above for guidence,
How I search for my true self,
I do not betray, I tell truths,
And pray for wisdom,
Because water cleanses this soul of all hate,
And I know hate cannot conquer hate:
Only love has the power to heal,
So I will let the water cascade upon me,
My skin soaked and clean,
And now I know I live a treasured dream:
A dream called life,
Earth my true mother with all her beauty and wisdom.

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