Clearly Poem by Seán O Muiríosa


Rating: 4.4

The mind is the scariest thing I know.
It is not like any darkness.
It is a transparent, life colour
Covering everything I am,
Like a murderous blanket.

It plays its own games to pass the time
Existing as deception, miscomprehension,
Between rainbows and storms.
From the sun-glazed hillside;
The sodden path to nowhere.

They say you should fear the dark,
The darkness of the mind.
What a load of putrid scatology;
It’s from skin to throbbing skull,
Everything that goes with it,

That makes the deep lake slowly ache.

Marcia Gravett 08 May 2006

That was really well written - and well felt. :)

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Graham Leese 08 May 2006

This everything I have wanted to write recently, an amazing read! This really was brilliant, language and specificly subject matter.

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Hugh Cobb 08 May 2006

Dear Sean, You've produced another interesting and deeply felt poem. The writing, as always with you, shows talent and originality. The ending is particularly fine. One technical quibble or caveat: 'What a load of putrid scatology.' The line works better with your ending if it would end with a colon versus a period. It would make the meaning clearer for the reader. Keep up the good work, Best, Hugh

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Amanda Lukas 08 May 2006

I see you've come back to us, Sean... and with quite a new style. An intriguing poem.

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Ivy Christou 08 June 2006

this was fantastic Sean, you have developed a style were your poems read well without losing any of their glory and their still full of well captured images, well done. HBH

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Daniel Tyler 22 May 2006

Yes, a very new style for you Sean and you carry it off very well. The language is far more direct, I've noticed and more image-packed. There is a new tightness as well which I like, and the final line oozes with suspense. A very successful transition. Well done.

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Ernestine Northover 21 May 2006

Such truth Sean, a wonderful write about our minds which are so complicated they cannot be explained easily but your poem does it very well. Love Ernestine XXX

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Ian Curtis 19 May 2006

A classic to be long remembered. All the best Ian

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Amberlee Carter 18 May 2006

it is both a blessing and a curse to have such wisdom at your age. Notice I didn't say insight, there is a definitive difference between the 2. I think you will teach the world one day, even if it's the solitary world of one person. I believe you offer a profound truth to everyone who reads your work, yourself as pure as you can. In all the time I've spent reading your work I have come to this conclusion: if people want to know the definition of what a poetic soul is, they should read your words because they are above all else, honest. You are beautiful and your work is powerful... Always, Amberlee

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