Crying Poem by Annie Janine


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Why am i crying?
I'm crying because i feel all alone
I'm crying because i feel so left out
I'm crying because i feel betrayed
I'm crying because no boy will ever like me
I'm crying because i hate myself
I'm crying because i'm a crybaby
I'm crying because no one understands
I'm crying because no one cares
I'm crying because I can't stop crying
no matter how hard i try

John Smith 23 January 2009

This is so beautiful and heart touching, it makes me want to cry....

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Marria Attar 26 September 2008

very true...but when you thnk about it, its jst the way of life..

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 26 May 2008

Hello, As requested I have been reading some of your poems...'Crying' has prompted me to send this message in response to crying...part of a poem I've written called 'Don't Cry'...please come to my site to read complete poem... Don't Cry Don't Cry Count Sheep Or count stars in the heavens Or gaze at the moon, Crescent or as it glows, Smiling full. Count the pitter patter Of the rain drops But don't you cry Count the blessing you forgot... etc. Reading your bio I see that you are so talented and in a jazz band...Wow! You must learn to be your own best friend, love yourself to draw others to you...Be brave, be bold, be honest, be kind, cry some, but not always. Stay Strong! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing

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Broken Peaces 06 May 2008

Crying is a release of emotions we cry in sorrow we cry in joy dont worry where there is dark there is also light 10 Chris

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Latasha Dixon 04 May 2008

Your Crying Because You Need Too Your Crying Because You Have Not Learned To Accept Your Self Your Crying Because Now You Know The Truth, It's Set Your Tears Free Your Crying Because Your Looking For A Boy To Like You Instead Of A Man Your Crying Because You Have Not Learned To Love Yourself Your Crying Because You Have Never Had Someone To Help You Be Strong Your Crying Because You Don't Know Anyone Who Feels The Same As You Your Crying Because No One Knows Your Hurt So How Can They Show That They Care? You Can't Stop Crying Because You Have Not Healed Yet

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Annie Janine

Annie Janine

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