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Close To Greatness

Rating: 2.9

at one stage in my life
I met a man who claimed to have
visited Pound at St. Elizabeths.

then I met a woman who not only
claimed to have visited
but also to have made love
to him—she even showed

certain sections in the
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Robert Murray Smith 06 July 2018

A second-rate poem- - - -

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Robert Quilter 14 November 2008

Everybody wants a memory of the piece of the pie-even if it's false.

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Jim Deroc 09 August 2008

yea the funniest poet ever, thats mostly why i read him

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J P Klegg 13 July 2005

LOL. This guy is just a riot.

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Mahtab Bangalee 06 July 2018

or if he knew one or if he knew both it was a shameful waste of madhouse time. humorous and funny lines...... excellent writer

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Kevin Patrick 21 June 2020

The price of fame, exploitation of name, when your alive people will often keep their distance, after your gone they will claim some connection. Like maggots.

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Rajnish Manga 06 July 2018

my guess is that Pound knew neither the lady or the gentleman.... //.... Very sensible. When a celebrity is gone, concocting such tales has no meaning.

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Anil Kumar Panda 06 July 2018

Very nice poem. Enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks for sharing.

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Glen Kappy 06 July 2018

okay, charlie... perhaps i'd care more if i thought more about pound. the two poems by him i remember and like for their humanity are ballad of the goodly fere and a pact both of which can be read here in ph. -gk

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Adrian Flett 06 July 2018

As is the poem, except for the humour.

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