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I met an old man
he ought to know
and he said,
"If you love her let her go."

At Humanity's Door

Without bias or malice then
the children that once we knew

Memories arrive unannounced
in the head, much inclined
to hold in thrall, let them bounce
about, and fill the mind.

Climbing out of Cat Cave,
the others far ahead,
I felt the sense
the intense presence,

is turning ninety two
So what can we do?
Say thanks to A A Milne, for you.

As a young girl she would go
into the orchard, into the orchard
and when the firm red apples
were ready to fall, ready to fall

You, a fresh mountain breeze,
flush away all musty web-dross
of old links, long trapped
in corners of my mind.

In sporadic sleep, self-maligned muttering
swims the hulk of contriteness,
floats in circles; returns to argue
each fine point of stupidity.

Mendacity abounds in this year.
Honesty, its antonym, seldom heard
amid falsehoods fabrications spuriousness,
dishonesty terminological in-exactitudes.

Over heads of fellow travellers
and padded backrests
through the mean slot of cabin's port
I peer at the sliver in the east

Think before you fell a tree,
think again and let it be.

At the host, the very core

Given half a chance
dandelions will dance,
if left alone, at best
they don't seem such a pest.

In a Dark Recess

In the deep root of the mind
the dark recess of the other

What happens when rules are shed, no longer
respected or obeyed?
We display no guilt drive on, seem stronger,
use mendacity, half-truths to further our way.

Clear view the trees see
ever aware, travesty laid bare.
So at our peril we dismiss
this stark reminder of our remiss.

At the Cross sacrifice is a need
no thought if straight the way.
At crossroads we plead
a proxy killing, of special other, paid,

Life seems to hesitate
here to wait to contemplate
in this huge spacious hall
there's room, time for all.

One of the fortunate few
I got the nod in the conception queue
while others hanker await their fate.
Keen to have a chance to live


If bondage seems a problem
imagine the servitude freedom creates
with all its need for restraints;
not all concur instead deplore

At the crossroads a sandstone post
takes the strain of the fence,
strand by strand; in the background
the high escarpment rises beyond Winter's veld.

Adrian Flett Biography

Born in Pietermaritzburg (1936) and grew up on a farm in the Richmond area. Farm schooled in my early years and then Richmond School, from age 8 years. Maritzburg College,1950-1953. Managed branches of United Bank at Rosettenville, Braamfontein and Springs. Self-employed Accounting and Tax Practice from 2001-2015. Now living in Howick. Studied through UNISA majoring in English. Widowed with four children and seven grandchildren. I started writing at an early age, short stories, poems and three novels to date.)

The Best Poem Of Adrian Flett

Were I To Lose Her Now

I met an old man
he ought to know
and he said,
"If you love her let her go."

You tell me, old man
to let her go.
Show me how
and I'll show you
furrows of joy.
Instead glands of sorrow
in awesome piles
of desperation
gather in vacant eyes.
I'll show you
taut gut clenched
in paroxysm of fear.

Stubble chinned booze
ticks time quicker
but stubborn cerebral lobe
is slow to join
in the rout;
instead - remembers.

Her golden gossamer threads
out and out, float in space
bind me secure
but a single snip
at her whim or will
severs me to
orbit as if unhinged
from this globe.
Just a raft beneath me
in screaming, rushing silence.

But she is here;
in her scent of neck hair
nose buried deep
safe to quell the sheer
gut twisting fear.

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Coffee(which makes the politician wise, And see through all things with his half-shut eyes) Alexander Pope

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. Thomas Mann

Kill not the Moth nor Butterfly For the Last Judgement draweth nigh. Willian Btake

Few shall part, where many meet! Thomas Campbell

Watching the strangeness of familiar things Gordon Bottemley

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Adrian Flett Popularity

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