Closed Ears Poem by Laquory Jones

Closed Ears

The world's in a state of free-fall free-will not at all the power is
No longer in the hands of the people so much tunnel vision
We're having to see through when we're all 'Created Equal'
I'm not talking about race the Gov't doesn't want to increase our
Pay health insurance climbing at alarming rates longevity still
Remains to be chased Will we ever make haste they told me
'Richie then present your case' but the responds becomes all the
Same come back at a later date thinking about all the times
I've Wasted granted it takes time for signs of change saying ' Richie
Let the cards fall as they may' put the records on replay
Hoping that we forget or even worse decay think about all the
The years that got us to this point does it not feel kind of strange
But the laws and policies are constantly getting changed to
People's dismay I've never thought I'd ever see the day when
People looked downed in disgrace as a new world take its shape

Closing my ears to the static these thoughts bubbles are
Constantly drastic they only sinking me deeper into madness
Tears fall in constant sadness I'm sitting here addressing
The Masses amassing my dark thoughts in their passing
All a while my pen is working its magic
Suddenly its feels like I'm clashing with the titans in the end
Will I be David or Goliath Is the world Biased or Unbiased
These two questions remain unanswered while trying to break
Free of the set norms and restrictions not knowing that
Desperation only leads to more friction

We as a society now need interactions asap
Just to gain a frac of traction that's everlasting
In the wake of devastation who will really propel to the
Forefront knowing that the world is in need of a hero
At once who can break down boundaries and their ceilings
America's Values are being hit with pure afflictions
And in need of re-healing The Fall of Rome is repeating
In my predictions as the Statue of Liberty is taking
Lacerations perhaps this is falling upon deaf ears
But it's all remaining clear we as an society today have
To take a stand by doing all that we can before crap hits
The fan our generation is in our hands it's time to make a
Plan before problems gets out of hand and rubberbands


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