So Much Beauty Poem by Laquory Jones

So Much Beauty

Rating: 5.0

Verse 1
Looking at your face so much beauty that
I intake sometimes I don't always have
The perfect words to say all the things
That I want to convey I'd told myself that
I'd never wanted to be mundane
But sometimes all I feel is pain
I guess it'll be this way even when I'm
Old and gray Richie what are you trying
To say tell me what would you pay
For the price of fame
I go back and forth with this
Holding onto my very essence
And if I ever did what would
Remain as I slowly come to
Terms and grips feeling dense
People waiting for me to flinch
Yeah, life never made any sense

Verse 2
In deep thoughts as the days whistles
By remembering back when I was
Twenty-three telling people I would
"Be somebody" trying to be the next
Kings Of Leon so many would tell
Me that I had gone crazy
Now the fact that I'm pushing
Thirty while the days of our lives
Continues flirting but
Richie you're still young
Yeah but it still stung
Sit down and have a chill one
My emotions running high
Like a boulder upon both of my
Shoulders yeah I know that
I've already told you

Verse 3
Emotions flooding in me with a vengeance
Many times I've felt as if I wore the passion
Of poetry as a pendant hoping someone
Would give me a listen I better state my
Intentions now that I have your undivided
Attention while praying on my hands
And knees in penance giving the Greats
My sincere repentance
Seeking for their forgiveness
Feeling as if I've failed them &
Stating my grievances
Feeling as if I only came in inches
Of Immortality hoping my poems
Are granted vitality because
We're not taught about valor
Only ridiculed when we're not compliant
People are quick to call you defiant
I'm just breaking poetry down to a science
I'm just a poet full of valiance
Because in the end we're all seeking
Guidance in some form of enlightenment


M Asim Nehal 23 July 2020

All three verses nicely composed. 10 My favorite lines Only ridiculed when we're not compliant In deep thoughts as the days whistles

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Nice one.. beautiful poe, , clear 10 Go for both Friday,24th July 2020 never try to interfere or dare to compromise else you will surprise in the store poetry can be compassion a beauty can compel you to have possession both have certainly some relations you will feel from within with an excitation go for the both with trust and faith you will have an eternal breath without needing any proof Hasmukh Mehta

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Edward Kofi Louis 23 July 2020

Flame! ! ! Price of fame! A name to the world! ! ! ! Not to blame the truth. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 23 July 2020

A well composed piece. Simply exceptional .....10+++

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