Cognitive Dissonance Poem by Margaret Alice Second

Cognitive Dissonance

Jihad and genocide demand total submission - and
liberal ideals are irrelevant in regions where politics
are based on totalitarian religion, the Islamist threat
is spreading fundamentalism across the Middle East

Threatening Western Civilization with global jihadist
extremism & Islamist radicalism with its supremacist
aspirations - ‘Islamism' brings subjugation to ‘infidel'
minorities - look at the Cognitive Dissonance in the

Irony of feminists and gay-rights activists supporting
religious extremists engaged in persecuting the very
rights of gay activists and feminists; see the intent of
Islamic terrorism stated by the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

‘Israel is to be annihilated'

Look at ramifications of jihadi radicalism, an existential
threat grounded in ideology not geography: Islamism is
derived from Muslim scripts and the jihadist impulse is
derived from religious conviction

Treating Hamas as a ‘legitimate political entity' defies
history, logic and common sense; Obama's affinity for
Islamists did not win Islamic support for America; so
choosing Iran as rational partner is utter madness

The Islamism of ISIS, Hezbollah, the Islamic Jihad - a
wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard - threatens the
shared cultural and political values of the United States
and Israel; Iran as rogue regime involved in global jihad

Brings conflict to the US - but the American people's
bond with Israel shall not be broken by Obama's hostile
administration; read the Book of Yehoshua for strength
and inspiration: 'Be strong & courageous;

Be not afraid, nor dismayed; for the Lord your
G-d is with you wherever you go' - words which
will resonate long after Obama has gone…

[Joshua 1: 9]

[20 January 2015]

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