Hurting Poems: 172 / 500

! ! Commentator Steams Through To Gold In Banality Final

Rating: 2.7

If he really wants to win this title
he’s got to really work at it in this race:
is he hungry enough?

this is what all those years of training
have been all about:
keep to your race plan,
but remember, on the day,
anything can happen..

they’re off.. he had a good start;
now he’s pumping those legs,
pushing down with the right leg,
then the left leg hard into the ground,
then the right leg again…

He'll know that if he doesn't get the gold medal
it'll only be a silver..

he’s hurting all over now,
pumping the oxygen through his lungs,
going all out;

he’s coming through the field;
has he gone too early?
he’s got questions to answer,
this race is asking big questions of him;

he’s ahead now. He’ll be pleased with that;
if he loses now, he won’t be pleased with that;

tell the folks out there,
how pleased are you to have won?

‘fantastic – amazing – incredible - over the moon’

tell me, how sorry would you have been
if you hadn’t won?

Not a record time, but
he’ll be pleased with that;
tell me, what are your plans for twenty twelve?

now back to the studio for news of
other events like failure and stuff.

Bob Blackwell 23 August 2008

Enjoyed this one Michael, was it inspired by the Olympic games

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