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Condemned Chapter 1 - Poem by Crazy Vampire

Chapter 1
It was September and the weather outside was unpleasant. I heard a knock at the door. My father a short, easy going man, opened it, and there stood the prince of darkness. A man whom I should have known to be my down fall. Instead what I saw was beautiful, and at that moment I knew I had to have him or die trying. I was seventeen when I first met him, and I completely failed to notice my other suitors who wanted me as their wife. I should have recognized danger the minute I laid my eyes upon it, yet I found myself intrigued and fascinated by it.
His name was Santiago Soto and he was everything I imagined my dream guy would appear. He was very tall, and he was a smooth talker. He told a girl everything she wanted to hear. His hair was black as a cold winter’s night and it was at shoulders length. His silver eyes danced with mischief every time he was around me…
* * * * * * * * *

A week before my eighteenth birthday he asked my father for my hand in marriage. My father being so delighted to have his daughter wed to at last agreed and made arrangements for us to dine and get to know one another better.
“Will you dine with me tonight, Silvia? ” my prince, and one true love, Santiago asks me.
“Why yes, I shall” I reply while I bat my eyelashes. Knowing that he is examining my navy blue dress from head to toe, feeling warm all over as his gaze sweeps over my body stopping only to gaze into my eyes.
“Well then… after you” he says while offering me his arm, waiting patiently to see if I would accept his invitation.
I could only be so in “LOVE”, so NAIVE that I accept by sliding my arm through his. If only I would have known my soon to be fate…
After an exquisite dinner, Santiago and I ride home in his carriage. I am so into him and our conversation that I fail to see where we were heading. I happen to look out the window, and I am immediately surprised.
“Santiago, where are we? ” I ask, in a terrified voice.
“Silvia, my love… there is something you must know about me, ” his eyes searching mine, begging me to understand. “I love you… and I want you to be mine forever! One lifetime is simply not enough! ” he yells frustrated, while I simply can’t comprehend any of his words or his meaning behind them.
“I don’t understand.” I mumble.
“Let me show you, my love. Let me make you mine forever! Let me make you what I am! ” his voice is smooth, soft, and very convincing.
“Well… what are you exactly? ” I ask, sliding farther away from him and into the corner.
“A Vampire, ” he smiles, showing a set of pearly whites.
* * * * * * * * *
I awoke startled. I could feel the sweat rolling off my skin and onto the tan colored sheets. I hated when Santiago haunted my dreams. He would always appear, and when he did, he would remind me of what I was, a damned soul, doomed to roam the earth for all eternity.
It was he, who made me this wretched creature of the night,130 years ago. And for that I have despised him, and I shall continue to despise him for as long as I remain on this planet.
With too many unsettling thoughts running through my head, I slowly get out of my bed. I put my black cloak over my white nightgown that reaches my neck.
I comb my hand through my long light brown hair, and I head for the door, hearing the floor creak as I make my way outside. The night is warm, and I feel a light breeze when it hits my face. I start heading toward the ocean since I have no where else to go.
When I arrive I hear the waves hitting against the rocks. The sound calms me and I am immediately at ease. I decide to sit down, holding my knees between my hands. I stare out into the endless waters, wondering if there was anyway to end my misery.
I am fascinated when I hear footsteps in the wet sand. I mean who would be stupid enough to approach a vampire in the middle of night, especially where no one could hear you. Then the answer pops into my head, a human.
Humans have been infatuated with our kind from the time our kind existed. They seem to love danger and don’t realize how easily it would be to take their life.
I glare at the stranger approaching, making out every detail about him. He had dirty blond hair and green eyes the color of emeralds. He was dressed way to formal to be at a beach. With his black Armani dress pants and shirt, he looked out of place. I gaze at his Rolex watch and realizing that this fragile human boy had money and lots of it. He appeared to be about seventeen.
When his human eyes were able to see my features he stopped and took a ragged breath, as if he were entranced.
It was then that I knew I was in trouble. The last thing I wanted was a puny human becoming obsessed with me. I suppose to him I was beautiful with my long brown hair and big brown eyes, but what this human failed to see was the predator behind the cloaking beauty.
“Can I help you? ” I say irritated, as I look into the eyes of the boy. But he doesn’t answer, all he does is continue to stare. I start to walk away when he responds.
“It’s just… I was walking and I saw you… and well I was wondering what you were doing out here… and boy are you beautiful.”
“Beautiful? ” I release a harsh laugh. “If I were you, I would run. There is no need to fool around with danger, when your death could be near. Unless you have a death wish that is, ” I look at him waiting to hear his reply.
“Death wish? Danger? Are you threatening me? Because if you are, then I am so scared…”he teases.
“Well… don’t you catch on fast? You don’t seem as stupid and foolish as I thought thou were.” I start to walk away again but he distracts me by grabbing my arm.
“Thou? ” he laughs. “what is with you speaking from like 100 years ago? ”
“DO NOT TOUCH ME! ” I yell, only to see the satisfaction of him squinch.
“Sorry… I just wanted to know…” he apologizes. I turn my whole body towards him, giving him my full attention.
“Trust me, you don’t, ” I whisper. I leave him there with only sound of the waves.
* * * * * * * *
When I reached my house I started to think about the
human boy I just met. I wondered what would cause a human to be about in the middle of the night. If only I could see his true motivation behind his actions. If only…
Dawn was approaching and I could not be caught outside or else I would be nothing but a mere pile of ashes. No vampire could be out in sunlight, our sensitive skin is not
capable of handling the sun’s powerful rays. We simply become ashes.
As the sun emerges, I prepare for another lonely, quite day. I wait patiently till my friend, the night shows up again, praying it won’t take long.
* * * * * * * *
When night had settled, my stomach began to growl. It was time to feed. I walked about the small, old, silent town, in search of my next prey. Stopping when I heard the distant sound of his voice. The voice of the human male I encountered the other night at the beach. His voice was comforting, and very soft. He was ordering food from this expensive restaurant. He caught sight of me and smiled. He then signaled for me to join him. I didn’t know if I should join him or ignore his signals and let him be.
However… my predator side had other ideas. It did not care about saving this human. All it wanted, all it needed was blood
, and it demanded it now!
Ignoring my mind which was screaming at me to turn around and leave this poor boy, I walked inside the restaurant and flashed him a flirtatious grin.
“Hello, ” I said while taking a seat across from him.
“Hey, I haven’t seen you since the other day, and speaking of other day… I wanted to apologize for disturbing you, ” he babbled.
“No, it’s fine, ” I say with a reassuring smile.
“Ok, so… we haven’t officially introduced ourselves. I am Cole Grey, and you are? ”
“Me? ” I bat my eyelashes, making him inhale an uneasy breath. “I am your worst nightmare, ” I laugh. “I am also known as Silvia Russo.”
“Wow, really? I thought you name would have been something like Night Beauty.” He winks at me.
The old me, the human me would have flushed an unattractive red. I sat with my hands on my lap taking Cole’s details in. he was extremely handsome, but he was a boy. Even though I seemed nineteen, I was in reality 130 years old. No way could I find this human boy appealing in anyway besides being a delicious meal. And yet I found myself feeling things that I hadn’t felt since I was human.
“Why, thanks… you not so bad yourself.” I flirt back.
“Thank you, ” he smiles, clearing enjoying this.
We sit there staring at each other unsure of what else to say. I enter his mind and use compulsion, one of our kinds special abilities, and tell him that we should go somewhere… anywhere were we could be alone. he agrees and we head out into the warm summer night.
* * * * * * * *


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