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angels of mercy
angels are worthy
they carefully watch over you
believe me it's true

Everyone said we would grow up someday
They said we would make it through the rough times, we would be okay
Yet, they forgot to mention the overwhelming stress we would face
And that sometimes school education could feel like a waste

i trusted you and you broke my heart
i feel as if there is no need to move on, to start
i fell and forgot all the warnings i was told
i loved you and my heart you stole

Youth does not last
Your clocks ticking, its ticking fast
Before you know it, life will pass you by
Make most of your life, never deny

you are the opposite of what everyone thought
we were close no matter how many times we fought
but this time its is WAR!
i shall not defend you before others anymore

i cant fight my inner demons anymore
a battle is talking place within me, its a bloody war
i am losing, and i am being replaced
this thing thats here is such a waste

you say you love me, but you cant stand some of my traits
i dont understand why you love me, when you should hate
its impossible for us to agree
and yet i love you, and you still love me

my father left my brothers mom
and yet he acts like nothing happened he acts calm
he tried to leave my family and me
that was not a pleasent scene for a young girl to see

Small fat and short
Felt tip with purple unending
Purple poison fills the page
Small purple cap Crayola is its name


death, how lovely it sounds
if only i was the one it found
it doesn't take much for your life to end
especially when you are isolated, and have no friends

do good in school thats what i've been told
am i strong enough to follow my goals, am i bold?
be someone not trash
enjoy school too because it goes by in a flash

my anger gets the best of me, i am controlled by my wrath
there is no safe place for me, i dont know what is the correct path
i try my hardest to not show this terrible side
but this thing has consumed me, it is inside

Everyone wants someone divine
to hold and be able to call mine
but out of no where they break your heart
it seems almost impossible to move on, to make a new start


You’ve helped me through rough times
I can’t believe you are mine
But still I can’t get out of my depressed state
I want death to be my fate

there by the river a girl cries
for she has told everyone she loves lies
she feels horrible and sad
for she has lost everything she had

People are not what they appear
Their true selves are what they fear
For if they reveal themselves they are vulnerable to being rejected
They want to be in the popular crowd, not neglected


i havent felt this emotion for a long time
i just know that i want him to be mine
this desire is growing stronger each day
i must listen to my parents advice i must obey

we need a break is what you say
just know that your rules, and orders i will no longer obey
i am finally happy and content
our love was just not meant

I am falling into an never ending hole of my mistakes
I am suffocating in this black lake
What more can be taken away?
Someone end my nightmare, my nights and days

I have never felt so alone, until these past few days
I can't help but feel betrayed
It hurts so much to think, that we have let our love die
These past few nights, I have cried

Crazy Vampire Biography

Hey name is Sandra Hernandez aka Crazy Vampire! I love to sing, write stories, songs, and poems. I started when i was in seventh grade and i have continued since. I am also pleased to say that my poem 'Becoming an Adult' is getting published. ^_^ if you have any questions concerning me, just message me, i will gladly reply ^-^)

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angels of mercy
angels are worthy
they carefully watch over you
believe me it's true
they are gods little helpers, and they do what they must do
which is to take care of gods most precious gift...

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Trinity 15 January 2018

Vampires are cold blooded

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Ricky Baker 25 March 2010

i like dis explains alot 2 me....i feel da same way

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