Confidential-Keep Out Poem by Leslie Ching

Confidential-Keep Out

Rating: 5.0

Did you dare a tiny peep at this poem?
Now that you're reading, I see you did!
Which is exactly why I must shoo you out-
Go ahead, do as you're bid!

Are you still reading this wretched poem?
Did I not tell you to go away?
Now scram for good, and don't come back!
Don't ask, just do what I say!

Why do your eyes continue downward?
Do you have a case of dyslexia?
But wait, you wouldn't know it's about-
Hurray, hallelujah!

But just in case you really aren't
My nerves are really on end
Do I have to show you to the door?
For your mother I will soon send!

Alas, now you're at the bottom
Of this eternally-cured write.
You will soon grow the Poet's Wart-
But don't tell anybody of your blight!


Magnetic and meaningful humor. I really like it. Anjali the poet's wart is a growth that come out over you eyes when you disobey the poet Leslie Ching. LOLLOLLOL... I could not resist... I am having a good laugh and that is wonderful.

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Anjali Sinha 11 April 2009

hey whats that Poet's wart otherwise a nice comedy +++10 anjali

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Randy Hogan 06 April 2009

Silly, Fun, And a delight you are 10+Peace

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Leslie Ching

Leslie Ching

Toronto, ON, Canada
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