Alone Poem by Leslie Ching


Rating: 4.5

In the depths of silence
Pits of despair
Holes of doubt
Infinite nothing
Pierces the air

Yearning for just
Another human presence
To pass the time with-




A black hole sucked me in
And won't let go
As much as I tug and shake
Beg and cry

I fell off a cliff
And the sea welcomed me
Three hundred feet below
Swallowing me whole







Kiran Raza 15 February 2009

i think that this is an amazing poem.. but sometimes, when people feel like they are alone, they arent. they just need to find the light in their day and keep themselves motivated to get out of the horrific situation they are in. and once they are out, they will look back and realize how strong they were to not give up.

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ata khan 21 February 2009

Beautiful poem and i agree with Kiran Such a beautiful elevated mind can never be alone come on cheer up 10+

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Miriam Maia Padua 22 February 2009

wonderful write.....with brilliant style and thoughts... you are not alone...we are here...(smile) realistic piece..there are times in our lives that we feel we are alone.... feel the hollowness inside us....just a part of life.... a very good write Leslie....10++++

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Eddie Roa 28 February 2009

creative use of structure to convey a sense of falling, a sense of being sucked in. A truly imaginative write.

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~ Jon London ~ 01 March 2009

A well delivered piece, very talented young lady, keep up the good work.

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Thomas F. Spencer 10 August 2011

I hear ya. I can relate alot. Can't say its an enjoyable read with the nature of it and all, but definitely I can relate and understand the sentiment. Good Poem xD

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No Don't Leave Me Here Alone...... showing enough maturity with skill.... enjoyedthe poem.....10

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Rich with reality and crammed with creativity. Well written my friend.10/10

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C. P. Sharma 29 April 2009

Great poetic talent and maturity of thought. It left me wonder struck that you could write it at so young an age. Keep it up. CP

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Vinod Ak 11 April 2009

Profound thoughts and fabulous expression...from a talented young prodigy!

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Leslie Ching

Leslie Ching

Toronto, ON, Canada
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