Confirmation Prayer Poem by Annabel Cruz

Confirmation Prayer

Rating: 4.7

(For Isabel on her Confirmation Day)

May the faith you confirm today
Be your key
To open the doors to....
HOPE, when all seems lost,
JOY, when despair consumes you,
LOVE, when hatred afflicts you, and
PEACE, when turmoil surrounds you.

Guard it well
And keep it close,
This precious key,
For when it is lost
All is lost.
But when it is found,
It will set you free
And always guide you

Vivian Welsh 26 January 2019

Our granddaughter in Norway is being confirmed in May. My husban & I are flying down there for that. I really like this poem! Her name is Isabel. :) It really fits her. May i use it to share?

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Wendy Bird 14 November 2017

I love this poem. Could I possibly use it for some people being confirmed this week, please? I will, of course, put your name at the bottom, if you agree.

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Annabel Cruz 14 November 2017

Hi Wendy........ By all means, you are very welcome to use the poem and congratulations to your friends/family on their confirmation. My own Goddaughter is being confirmed on the 29 and I will be her sponsor. I am working on a new poem for her now.

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Annabel Cruz 16 July 2013

For my daughter Isabel's Confirmation, a very important day in our Catholic faith, I wrote her this poem and gave it to her along with a beautiful silver key on a chain. She wears it around her neck as a daily reminder of her commitment to her faith.

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Juan Olivarez 22 March 2011

A wonderful poem, with one of the most important sacraments being the subject. Congratulations to Isabel on this step into her wonderful future.

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