Concrete Spider Poem by Annabel Cruz

Concrete Spider

Rating: 4.0

Up, up
The smooth and glassy surface of my shower
He crawled
His delicate spindly legs glued, as if by magic
To the slippery wall
Navigating rivers and waterfalls most blissfully
Until a random
splash of water washed him down





Into a huddled mass
Of tangled legs
Twitching, twitching
On the shower floor

Edward Kofi Louis 07 February 2016

To respect nature with things seen around you. Thanks for sharing.

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Brian Jani 14 July 2014

this is q nice and simple piece of writing.spiders in our homes, natural insect control.

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Adeline Foster 04 August 2012

I too love shape poetry. To off-set the lines perhaps one could use.~`. Just a thought, even without it this is good. Adeline

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Juan Olivarez 24 May 2012

I like it, experianced the same thing a few years ago.

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Unwritten Soul 13 May 2012

Nice one! ! i like it....maybe it a tribute to spiderman too hahahaha :) nice write! _Unwritten Soul

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 07 February 2016

For the spider to huddle with tangled twitching legs...........? How did that thundering splash come on the itsy -bitsy spider.... Mr Poet? So much about it beneath those written lines, I feel. Thought provoking nicely written poem. Enjoyed.

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Susan Williams 07 February 2016

Quite descriptive of the itsy bitsy spider

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Godfrey Morris 07 February 2016

Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.

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Kim Barney 07 February 2016

Life is so delicate and precarious. This poem is delicate and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and congrats on Poem of the Day!

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Souren Mondal 07 February 2016

A very well crafted poem on minute observation... The imagery and the words are beautiful.. Thanks for sharing :)

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