A Rondel For Olivia Poem by Annabel Cruz

A Rondel For Olivia

Rating: 4.2

She smiles at the mirror, eyes blue as the sky
Dreaming of Paris and faraway places
Of people she’ll meet, their stories, their faces
Wishing that time would quickly go by

She’s ready to soar, she’s ready to fly
Packed all her hopes in matching suitcases
She smiles at the mirror, eyes blue as the sky
Dreaming of Paris and faraway places

She wants to go far, she wants to fly high
Trying to catch those dreams that she chases
No time to tie her childhood shoelaces
Dancing, spinning, she turns with a sigh
She smiles at the mirror, eyes blue as the sky

Hans Vr 25 February 2012

This is a ownderful poem. A great mother's heart. Well done

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Patti Masterman 24 March 2011

Wow, I know she is as beautiful as this poem, and so I might add, 'and may all the angels protect her blue eyes'.

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Nooruddeen Mm 12 February 2011

good flow, nice one Rgds Noor

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Juan Olivarez 12 February 2011

Outstanding rhyming and good flow to the piece. Excellent work.

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Kay Staley 01 September 2014

Sometimes I find myself wondering what the future will hold...wondering whether I will ever be completely happy. I catch myself being sad when there is nothing to be sad about. I only wish this poem was more raw. But the words in it speak to me and I think that if we all evaluate our lives we could identify with this piece. Its a reminder to enjoy what phase of my life I have right now because it will never come back and I will never be the same again. There is no use in pining for the future because it is bound to come.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 01 September 2014

Beautiful poem! Great!

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Leslie Philibert 01 September 2013

nice job. But Paris is not that great, last time I was there I paid 10 Euros for a cheese roll..

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Sandra Feldman 01 September 2013

Dreaming of Paris and far away places don't we all some time or other? even George Gershwin. Wonderful line, wonderful poem When poets are good, You certainly, know em.

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Mark Dillon 01 September 2012

What a bright confident optomistic poem this is, i enjoyed it.

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