Confusion Of Illusion Poem by Wojja Fink

Confusion Of Illusion

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In ignorance I stumble
From day to day
From age to age
In loneliness I wander
In the prison of the senses
Dark and full of desire
Crucified with lust and anger
The blindness overpowering
Driven by wantonness
And arrogance.
Until, I became a broken shadow
On the face of the earth
Parched and worn
Barked at by dogs
Like a stranger unto my self
Pursuing illusions fabricated
In endless proliferation
A walking
Empty hollow frame
Of opinions drying in the sun
Stretched like a canvas
And painted upon by the world
A forgery of sublime trickery
Framed in imagination
And nailed to the wall with conceit
Lord, crucify this confusion of illusion
So I may love you more
Tear apart this forgery
Burn it in your Divine Wisdom
May the smoke
Sear my eyes,
And the tears of sorrow
Within the fire of your love.

Tai Chi Italy 12 April 2009

This is beautiful and describes the journey of life so artistically, the canvas of your fine poetic imagination. A real tribute to the love of God at Easter. Smiling at you, Tai

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Subroto Chatterjee 19 April 2009

Dark and brooding...Ah, the myriad moods of Sir Wojja...! Cheers. Subroto

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Jim Hogg 20 April 2009

Even atheists stumble in that wood, in that way, with those concerns Mr Fink (any relation to J Eddy F) . Bet there was a time when you thought the road was clear and you were free... maybe that was the time of illusion... vision of blindness... mindfood well crafted. Thank you.

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Yelena M. 21 August 2009

'Lord, crucify this confusion of illusion So I may love you more Tear apart this forgery Burn it in your Divine Wisdom..' very powerful words, John, a poem that can be applicable to many of us sooner or later..thanks for sharing. Yelena.

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Sameer Ahmed 01 July 2009

A pleasant illusion is better than a harsh reality. Though confused in this state one can find it as a lit up path for choosing between the right and wrong.....

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Shashendra Amalshan 26 May 2009

wow that s great.. I mean it speaks a lot, i mean those things apply to almost every man...i mean i feel like that too, , 'in ignorance i lonliness i wonder in my university corriders, cause my best buddies dont talk with me...anyway i m glad i found this site full of beautiful people.....i ll always visit you regards shan

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 26 April 2009

Close this door and open another, in this instance it is moving from one poem of yours to another - the waiting between each is exciting, always rewarding - this is excellent!

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Muhammad Ali 23 April 2009

Superb. Hearty Nice poem friend! !

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