English Rain Poem by Wojja Fink

English Rain

Rating: 5.0

We’re English through and through down to our bones
Gave birth to the Queen and the Rolling Stones
We’re English through and through and we like to be alone
And we eat roast beef straight off the bone
We can wander in the hills and write about daffs
Eat greasy fish and chips in roadside cafes
Take the kids to the beach with a bucket and spade
And eat Cornish pasties freshly made
We can be in a band and play loud rock ‘n roll
Or pray for the Lord to save our soul

We can watch Will Shakespeare and be inspired
Or drink real ale and just get wired
Sleep at work when we’re feeling tired
And sign on the dole when we get fired
We can walk and talk sing and shout
Argue for hours what it’s all about
But why two feet to walk upon this earth
What is life and what’s it worth?
Why all this jabber from a jabberwocky bird?
Can you tell us something that no one’s heard?

European union it’s a big goulash
Today’s hot news is tomorrow’s trash
Why all the fuss with bringing us together?
When we all get wet depending on the weather,
Rain or shine the English are at home
With the wife and kids and granny lying prone.
We don’t need Germans to show us how to laugh
We don’t need the Romans to tell us when to bath,
Who needs the French blocking up the docks?
While the Swiss collect money and make cuckoo clocks
Politically correct it’s all a big sham
And I don’t like courgettes or fritters made of Spam
I don’t drink Beaujolais it clouds my brain
But I love a cup of tea made with English rain

We didn’t march in Flanders to a foreign drum
But now it seems that time has come
Freedom of speech is a price to pay
And when it’s all gone there’ll be nothing left to say,
But we’ll curse the man who gives it all away.

It could be kind’a strange with no quids to spend
On yellow bananas without a bend,
No more fivers or tenners to lend
An aching in the heart that money won’t mend
You’ve heard of Napoleon and our man with rubber shoes,
He’ll be turning in his grave with these, EU Blues
Oh Yea.

If you would like to hear a song from this poem
looky here http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=YbK9lYEEi4Y

LOVEFOOL Aka 25 February 2009

Great work full of witty truths 10+

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Sally Plumb 04 March 2009

i fink this one is a blinkin' good truth.

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Indira Renganathan 28 March 2009

Freedom of speech is a price to pay And when it’s all gone there’ll be nothing left to say, But we’ll curse the man who gives it all away. ........you've clarified very well...go on10++

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Sallie Howson 15 June 2009

bit too patriotic for me.....but funny: P

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Ashraful Musaddeq 30 May 2009

Wonderfully penned, I love this poem.10++

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Subroto Chatterjee 19 April 2009

But this stuff here is a beautiful....song. Most songs I've come across (say, Pink Floyd) are quite like the one you've written.. Now where's the guitar of yours? What are you waiting for? Hello world...here comes Wojja Fink...to hex your jinx! Cheers. Subroto

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Stephen Stirk 16 April 2009

John I loved your English rain. It epitomises in every way possible 'Britishness'. The only thing I'm going to fight you over, is the necessity and delight of a spam fritter. And in verse three I would have increased the length of the people we don't need by about a foot. Great write Steve Spamworth

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Daniel Tyler 02 April 2009

A fine piece of poetic polemic. I absolutely agree with your views on the European Union but even if I did not, I would still concede that this excellently written.

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