A Tombstone In My Eye Poem by Wojja Fink

A Tombstone In My Eye

Rating: 4.9

I’ve got tombstones in my eyes
My tears they feel like gravel
I see death upon the streets
Of every road I travel
I see mothers torn with grief
Fathers numb with pain
Children killing children
And they swear they're not to blame..

I see blood inside of news print
Blood on TV screens
Hearts all lost in anger
Killers in their teens,
The lonely Good Samaritan
You don’t hear of anymore
He’s been replaced with banknotes
But everybody’s poor

I’ve got tombstones in my eyes
Tears burn my hollow jowls
The band plays out of tune
The conscience how it howls,
The prisons overflowing
Children line the halls
The nights are filled with terror
When the undertaker calls.

I’ve got tombstones in my eyes
The tears fall in vain
The coffins fill up daily
They bear unending pain
Love has closed its eyes
Speech has turned to greed,
The music's tuned to horror
It makes the heart now bleed.

I've got tombstones in my eyes
Tears now they plead
To ask the one and only,
Lord please tell us what we need.

Muhammad Ali 03 April 2009

very touchy lines, living art Wojja 10

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 04 April 2009

Blessed are those who suffers, for they shall be comforted............ The promise is given in revelation about new earth and new heaven.........It can't go in vain.........Good Write...10+++...........

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Sandra Fowler 07 April 2009

A unique title.And the contents of your poem does not dsappoint. I believe that God counts every tear that falls. Excellent write. Warm regards, Sandra

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Anjali Sinha 11 April 2009

wow a lovely poem yes Lord tell us what we need -10 anjali A JOY FILLED EASTER TO YOU AND CAROL lots of love anjali

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Angela L Burke 30 April 2009

I like this :) and it is so very true.

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Rose Cook 22 April 2009

I love this one it's so beautiful, very deep and well written

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William Stoneberger 19 April 2009

really nice...would make a good song...kinda has that Dylan feel to it...

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Subroto Chatterjee 19 April 2009

A 'painful' beauty of a poem.....Disturbing memories and unfortunate tombstones. Keep writing my friend. Cheers. Subroto

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Ency Bearis 14 April 2009

wonderful poem... God knows what we longing for...good concept..nice write...

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