Contemplating Life Poem by Dee Corpolongo

Contemplating Life

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beautiful day it seems
very much to be
then why do I feel
this black cloud over me?
I try to appreciate
the blessings I've received
and try to learn from
the times I've been deceived
I realize the many lessons
we must learn from the past
and remember the joyful moments
how we wish they could last
The pain that is felt
when we lose someone dear
the memories we hold
of the times they were near
Life, or so it seems
has it's moments of surrender
Some are joyful others sad,
these are the times we will remember

Smoky Hoss 09 November 2013

A wonderful way of thinking, and writing!

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Valsa George 04 June 2013

We have to accept the duality of life. It is never the same! Joy and sorrow, meetings and partings- All inevitable phases of life! At times we feel very low for no obvious reasons! All in the scheme of things! ! Enjoyed this great write! ! Thanks for your lovely comment on my poem- The Bliss of solitude! I invite you to read my poem, The ambivalence of life, almost expressing the same idea!

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Sandy Player 11 January 2013

beautiful that the only future tense line came at the end. you talked about things that can change our moods instantly beforehand so it was really fitting that it was all in present (but usefully not progressive) referencing back to the past. that, what you have done, is contemplating life. -M

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