Collective Memory Poem by Dee Corpolongo

Collective Memory

Rating: 5.0

Since Halloween is right around the corner

many scary/spooky specials are on T.V.

there is one I just finished watching

Worlds scariest rollercoasters that can be.

The Cyclone at Coney Island

was shown among all the rest

many memories made so long ago

but the one I loved the best?

The Dragon coaster in Rye @ Playland

I must've rode it a million times or more

I still recall every twist, turn, and hill

as if I rode it just the day before

The 1st hill is just a bluff and teaser

as you only drop just a few feet down

then the speed accelerates much faster

as you plunge your way down to the ground

Then as you go around the 1st curve,

the G force brings you out if your seat

As you then enter 'into the dragon'

total darkness that really is neat

I googled it and found it on youtube.

and reminisced being in the very 1st seat

but the adrenaline rush felt while on it

is a missed feeling that you can't repeat

Afterward, a walk along the boardwalk

feeling as if you didn't have a care

So much fun as we made a spinned picture

makes growing older just seem so unfair.

Just sharing a memory of childhood/growing up days recalled~
Thomas Vaughan Jones 22 February 2014

Written like a native New Yorker. But I MUST tell you hon. You have to edit and replace every (1st) with (first) Even New Yorkers can't get away with that. And we'll enjoy the ride all the more.

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Unwritten Soul 23 October 2013

I think you smiled a lot remembering this good enjoyable and i found that in your poem, telling how funny we were when kid time around the corner.. :) _Soul

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Lyn Paul 20 October 2013

An excellent title for your treasured memories. Thank you so much

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Valerie Dohren 01 October 2013

Sounds scary Dee - I never did fancy roller coasters so haven't been on any. Very well described.

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