Cosmos Of Us Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Cosmos Of Us

We became friends in November;
Unexpectation to feel warmer beside you,
The lights still gilted the prayers of trees,
The petals sang swinging through the cooling breeze.
On my planet the winter is welcomed with open arms
In the first week of November by us,
But when you came up
I felt the sunlight shined his rays on me.

You were the first primrose;
Blooming in the fields.
I do remember the first morning walk,
The first rising day,
The Earth fell in love and was cared
Now, he misses you every day
With eyes full of tears,
With showers of happiness
He tells the moon: how he was saved by you!

The ground was watered
The cracked up marble was mended
You spoke to me and I felt my prayers were answered.

Every day you waited near the crimson tall tree,
Every day you wished to climb with me
Everyday I saw you with my flowers shining bright
Justified my being, as you see.
Do you know? I have a garden full of stars
Venus looks at me, as his glittering firefly.

When I saw you sitting in the dark
I wished to gift you my brightest star
You were perfectly singing with your heartful dreams,
Humming every part,
I wished to listen to your loving cast.

What if I asked you to sing, Would have you kept my promising ring?
Would you write a song  for me?
Would you look into my eyes that lighted the glim?
Would you think about the stars and moon?
Would you proclaim:
 " She belonged to you and it's  true"?

I had such questions since past November.
The grass was greener, and my home was my only dear.
My brightest star was happy to share his enlightenment with you.
How could I have called it mine?
When I addressed it to you.

My purpose was not great
I had a wooden table, where the table cloth was still blue.
My subject may not be grand  for you to sing through.
Each spring, when I see the entire blooming garden,
I think how beautiful it would have been, if we cherished our plain.
What if we made an urge to groom it evergreen, won't you have agreed?

But our indifferent orbits of the Cosmo,
The planets were varied,
You had to leave and I had to smile
With a sunflower held behind.
I should have given it to you,
May be, then you would have understood:
How much I loved the sun,
And how much I wanted it to be with you.

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