Coyotes In The City: New York Poem by Chuck Toll

Coyotes In The City: New York

Rating: 5.0

Kayaking on the East River, my daughter
Met a coyote swimming and offered help.
It declined, adding it needed the exercise.

City life is always like that, it complained,
Squirrel snacks and greasy handouts everywhere.
It was going to try Long Island before it burst.

My daughter said she hadn’t known coyotes
Lived in Manhattan or out on Long Island.
“Been in the Big Apple for years, ” it puffed.

Long Island, it explained, was the last stop
On their list, which is why it was headed there.
And anyway, it wanted to see the Hamptons.

“The missus and I are planning to do Key West
Next year if we just get by Seven Mile Bridge.”

Goldy Locks 14 October 2007

cute. Well-written. reminds me of the beavers in Chronicles of Narnia. best care, sjg

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Sonny Rainshine 14 October 2007

Nice addition to your coyote series. Humor and good, old-fashioned wisdom.

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Midnight Maiden 14 October 2007

well written -midnight maiden

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Ray Lucero 14 October 2007

Chuck, Wisdom encased in light humor. You capture the gypsy nature of coyotes. Love this one. Peace, Ray

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