' ' ' ' Crúiscín...Cístín Baise(Little Jug...Little Palm Cake*) For My Auntie Mary Poem by Dónall Dempsey

' ' ' ' Crúiscín...Cístín Baise(Little Jug...Little Palm Cake*) For My Auntie Mary

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Auntie Mary’s
currant cake & blackberry jam


The jewels in the crown
of our forever summer


precious Corkonian objects
brought back to the lowly lowlands of the Curragh.

All the blackberries
that ever were

bursting with sunshine
& childhood

Jumping into
the jar for her
as if it were
an honour.

They & I
transformed by her

& lovely laughter

cake baked
with smiles & chuckles

winks & singings.

Me on her knee...tiny
being kissed to bits

Me being devoured
by an enormous hug

smothered in bosoms
many many yellow flowers on her purple pinny.

Her blowing my curls
out of the way

so that her smile
could kiss me

more &

Me unable to
comprehend anything

of her
Cork accent.

Me saying “Yes..? ” & “No..? ”
in all the wrong hilarious places

(to my great embarrassment
& her great amusement)

her breath
tickling my cheek

telling me
she loved me
...loved me...

& that I looked
so good

she could
“...ate me! ”


(* Homely little terms! A little jug of milk and a little cake in the palm of your hand.)

A cístín baise is a little cake made on the side of the griddle especially for the child...eh...“helping” with the baking.

This was written for my Aunt Mary who passed away recently leaving me with nothing but the memory of her love...her all abiding love...that not even her death can diminish. I simply adored her.

The Cork accent is like fast fluent French cross pollinated with
sing- song Welsh...almost impossible to understand unless you are immersed in it for a couple of months! But of course she would also play with me and make up a whole lot of what they call in Cork...
“glig glag”...silly talk.

She was so easy to love.

A child’s delight!

Scarlett Treat 24 February 2009

At our house, we baked 'baby biscuits! ' The bits and pieces of dough, left from the cutout biscuits..half moons, and stars, pearls and bird eggs...they were as free as our imaginiation could make them! Loved this, and loved my Aunt Ella...as well!

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Stephen Stirk 19 February 2009

Passionate and memory filled imagery. First Class Steve.................10.735 recurring

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Dónall Dempsey

Dónall Dempsey

Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.
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