Crazy World Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Crazy World

Rating: 5.0

This world is insane
Now nothing is ever the same
We all playing this vicious game
Of hide and seek without shame
WW3 is about to begin maliciously
As I bleed black fuel
This war game is intelligently cruel
They are nuclear bombing so graciously
the Big-Boss is withdrawing
The underdog is cheering
I tell you people that the world is ending
So get up and run all blaming
This is a chaotic and a crazy world
I conclude in cuffs and chains
As I repent, spin, and twirl
If only the authorities had some brains
The world is upside down
Why are Christians without a sound
While Islam is with a big crown
WW3 is the start of h***
As we burn constantly we all yell
Ring-a-ding I can hear a bell
but we can't hide for we are in a cell

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 19 June 2010

World is crazy because ‘might is right’…more power greater corruption…unless we generate humaneness how Jesus will help…well dictioned poetry … Thanks sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10+ PS I click vote box 2/3 times....but...?

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Michelle Al G 03 June 2010

hey whaat do you mean by this? ! Why are Christians without a sound While Islam is with a big crown muslims are being hit and killed in there houses and you say we are with a big crown! ! ! ! , i would replace it if i could i wish we stayed without a sound instead of being killed inside our houses! your poem is great and by the way i am a muslim :) and proud to be one♥ ♥

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Hans Vr 01 June 2010

Dear Pierre Jerome, I agree that the world is crazy, But somehow deep inside, I can feel the movement of love, charity and selfless service getting stronger bit by bit. If we walk through the streets, we can see so many in need, we get opportunities to do good every day, so many. If we just take up a few, we will be part of this great movement towards a better world. I think the wisdom revolution is just beginning and slaves of money are slowly losing whatever they have. Try to inspire at least 2 people every week and an exponential increment in goodness will be ours. Within one decade the world will look postiively very deifferent. I am sure.

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