Crowning Glory Poem by Elizabeth Kurian

Crowning Glory

Poets wax eloquent on the tresses
Of fair maidens framing their faces
Like dark clouds surrounding the moon
Or like the coolness of shade at noon

Keeping a lock of the beloved's hair
As a token of love for the maiden fair
- A tradition in the romantic ages,
Its beauty filled many poetic pages

Rapunzel let down her long golden hair
To Prince Charming to climb the tower,
Draupadi, abused by Kauravas untied her hair
To leave it till she was avenged she did swear.

Samson's locks his immense strength did hold
This secret, to his enemies Delilah disclosed
Angry to be sent from heaven to earth, Ganga
Broke her might in the matted hair of Shiva

Stories galore about the power of hair
But in this age where is hair? Where?
Women love to cut their hair, it is mod
Men at times have pony tails, tho' its odd.

As long as they live, some wish to dye
With a silver crown, some wish to die
Ask the bald ones about the pain of loss
When one has hair, it has not much gloss

Rooted to the head, hair looks gorgeous
It is just trash when to the ground it falls
We know not when our hair will leave us
Let us love and care for it as it deserves

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: hair,poem
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