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Like a benign king, for ages past,
I sheltered all who came to me
-Children, elders, travelers, lovers;
Homes I gave to birds and squirrels,

Every writer hopes
That his words will outlive him
How many succeed?

Ask me not, my beloved, for the love long past
I thought your presence filled life with radiance

If I have your grief, why struggle with the world's woes?

In this country,
Poetry is an aged mother.
She can support you with maternal love,
But cannot put

Once an expert of the Jewish law
To test Lord Jesus, a fine chance saw,
And said 'Laws are many, big and small,
Which is the greatest of them all? '

The unwary heart,
Caught in a whirlpool of desires,
Loath to drown in the sea of sorrow,
Clutches desperately at straws of hope,

Dream if you must, but only while asleep!
When you awake from your disturbed slumber
You'll realize that what you thought you saw
Was only a figment of your imagination,

Diverse are the pathways
In the journey of life,
At times rough and tortuous
With slippery roads

Many a secret it hides, life's like that
In nobody it confides, life's like that

Often it makes mortals cry, sometimes laugh,

Each heart holds a book of memories,
Whose pages are filled haphazardly
By a whimsical writer
Whose name is Time.


When I was a little girl,
My wishes were fanciful…
To be a butterfly fluttering in the garden,
A fluffy cloud sailing in the sky,

Wistfulness….A withered rose
Bereft of colour and fragrance,
Whose thorns still retain
Their painful sting.


Faces, a sea of faces,
Does one come across,
Apparently with common features,
-Then why do they seem

'Love is unending,
Love is unbending,
It is a flame unquenchable,
It's strength invincible! '

Within invincible walls
Of an invisible prison,
Man serves a life sentence.

Little urchins, clad in shabby rags,
Carrying shabbier bags,
Rummage garbage bins
To earn a semblance of a living,

"Mother is no more! "
Words that strike the mind like lightning,
Benumb the heart like ice,
Shatter one's world like an earthquake.

I broke my heart at your feet
But you did not deign
To glance at my offering.


It may be true that
Beggars can't be choosers,
But how unfortunate
Are those mortals,

In the inner chambers of the house of glass
Innumerable glass pieces shimmer;
Peeping from these fragments of glass
Are images in various shades;

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Mother tongue: Malayalam Education: B.Sc Maths Physics Chemistry BPR Bachelor of Public Relations Urdu correspondence course from Jamia Milia Islamia, N.Delhi Tehseene-ghazal course from Maulana Aazad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. ‘A’ Level course in German from Goethe Centrum, Hyderabad Learning Syriac Career: Joined Reserve Bank of India, Hyderabad and taken early retirement as Manager from Central Offfice, Inspection Department, Mumbai. Writes/ Translates in: English, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi)

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Like a benign king, for ages past,
I sheltered all who came to me
-Children, elders, travelers, lovers;
Homes I gave to birds and squirrels,
Showered flowers and fruits aplenty.

Now, old and derelict, my bounty‘s over,
No shade, no flowers, no fruits have I,
My bare arms I raise to the skies in vain
None comes for comfort or to comfort me.

Nay, my dry body still remains…
When the axe falls, I'll be of use again
Provide gifts galore to mankind,
Firewood for warmth and food,
Wood for doors, furniture and decor too.

Again I shall be among my people,
Like a kindly king in disguise.

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Elizabeth Kurian Popularity

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