Culture Of Ithey/I. Poem by Mary X

Culture Of Ithey/I.

Rating: 2.9

they told me that walking to the shop was best
done using a pair of old trainers.

that way I’d be able to walk with
a nice mold surrounding my feet.
I wouldn’t stumble and it wouldn’t hurt
to try and break them in.

much in the same way, they told me that
art is best with its first sketch, it’s pristine
raw drawing. that way the intentions
are clear and the emotions
are wild.

they told me that to perfect a poem, you must first
start with a word you dislike, then build up, build up
build up, create the building, sculpt the sculpture.

they told me that I’m a madman living in a madman’s
world. maybe they’re right, but my feet didn’t hurt when
I walked to the shop. my art has been perfected and
I passed. this poem wasn’t perfected – and opinion
will divide it like a pizza.
but as for being a madman –
be careful what they tell you or you might
end up sane like me. unless you are,
in fact, they,
in which case – carry on spurting out
your madman perfectionist lies –
the madman world might listen.


Excellent work, we do tend to fall into 'their' expectations, and so often, there is so much more out there than the expected. Lovely read, L&T

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Joseph Daly 30 September 2006

This is a great poem Mary; the line about pizza is great, conjouring up a modern feel to the whole piece. Sometimes it is odd how one word can make a piece. The problem lies with the last part, after 'madman'. It comes across as rushed and not thought through as well as the rest of the poem.

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Francesca Johnson 29 September 2006

Mad or sane? Who cares? But just be YOU..........'they' don't count! Love the poem, Mary. Love, Fran xx

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Anna Russell 29 September 2006

A good point, very well made. I really enjoyed this one and i loved that line about the pizza. Hugs Anna xxx

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Mary X

Mary X

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