Cultured Poem by Subroto Chatterjee


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Our democracy is of Olympian proportions,
Basking in glory under a thousand suns;
Painted faces and political distortions,
She has had a long run.

I talk of freedom and freedom galore;
Fundamental rights and constitutional duties,
Of fame and fortune, wealth and more,
Of foreign hands and misconceived treaties.

Of hunger and famine, and frolicking farmers,
And superb public distribution systems;
Democracy played with familiar drama,
By jokers and chokers in our political system.

Whether fiscal or monetary blessings
Deals the land that feeds the masses,
High rises and dilapidated dwellings;
Alfresco toilets and shauchalya passes.

Chaotic, quixotic, managing crisis;
Administered, ministered, ministers talking;
Wheeling-dealing, and breaking news analysis;
Of ingenuity, brazenness, fifteen minutes shocking.

Spinning yarns that shape our cultural stance,
Examples of deeds that surmount belief;
This country has had its romance,
With loving masters, and beauteous grief.

Poison ivy; dhatura; bring it on!
Serious facades that fill the belly,
Compromise; shed all; wear masks; or fawn;
Watch this all on Indian telly!

“A tree is known by its fruits, ” tis said;
And so cultured are we, I say.
There’s no truth better than being led,
to believe, we deserve to live another day.

Copyright © SC
23rd March 2008

Surya . 06 June 2009

hey. you are an idealist and you can only inspire which you please continue. those at parliament/govt have to face worse amongst idealist also.govering is no easy job. continuos public intervension may help.good poem and inspiring one too. posted 10 love surya

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Raj Nandy 07 May 2009

It is often said that politics is the last refuge for scoundrels! We borrowed so many things from the British! We have changed the names of cities and airports! But we never tried out the Two Party system! You may like to read my -'Naming Cities'! 10+ -Raj Nandy

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Wojja Fink 24 April 2009

politics seems has no rhyme mechanical mumbles in awakward time, now where does that saying without rhyme or reason come from? whoever it was must have had both with only one the mind's a, whatever happens..stay calm, you know you should

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Subroto Chatterjee 20 April 2009

Yo Beau, What government am I talking about? Take your pick! ! Actually I was commenting on my country's (India) politics.. But politicians (bless their souls) are such predictible creatures...from any country....ANY. Yup, there're all the same..... Cheers. Subroto

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Beau Bennett 19 April 2009

ha i never thought id read a poem that makes politics enteresting to even me thank you for the journy, one question though what gov, are you speaking of or is this a reference to all of them since theres so much hypocrasy in all man ruled forms of gov.

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