To Poets (And About Them) Poem by Subroto Chatterjee

To Poets (And About Them)

Rating: 5.0

On passing by a crowded lane,
I greet people and their dreams;
Lest some call us poets vain,
Suspend all blasphemes.

Those who crave an immortal place,
Are welcome to share the fire;
Now that you’ve joined the race,
Scorch not what others desire.

What do poets do?
Foremost, they make you think.
All this effort which they knew,
Surely didn’t come in a blink.

The poet’s message will travel
Longer than I hope they do;
Poets love to unravel
What many won’t undo.

They are masters of words,
Bewitchers of senses
Soothing balms of the soul
Protectors of Order,
Soothsayers of Old.

They are Wordsmiths, Diviners,
Mentors, and Friend,
Blessing the Lost
With their Omnipresence.

Beckoning now like the distant thunder,
With dazzling bolts of lyrical rhymes,
Awakening the thoughts to plunder
The sweetness of enraptured times.

Now the poet will move the unmoved,
And speak like the tongue of the mind;
They’ll ensure their efforts be proved:
That they speak for humankind.

Allemagne Roßmann 19 April 2009

Spattered skills of a poet everywhere in the poem and and an air of self-critic and counterpoised critic for poetry is sensed here.All in all a compact poem with deep smack of sarcasm.Full score.

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Wojja Fink 19 April 2009

The poet’s message will travel Longer than I hope they do; Poets love to unravel What many won’t undo. laughing out loud, oh sweet sanity at lights the way...wonderful....John

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Cerys Grant 20 April 2009

So true! Even if some poets are remembered longer than others or some are more revered, it's never about the poet is only ever about what the poet desperately wants others to understand, and so he/she uses the language to strip or embelish on truths, give a different slant to make others understand what you mean! Great reading!

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Elbert Matt Loubser 20 April 2009

It was a pleasure reading this poem, it flowed, which so few poems do these days. Great write

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Gaurav Bhaduri 19 April 2009

A wonderful way to explain a poet and his poetry

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Alison Cassidy 17 August 2009

An inspired poem by a poet with intelligence, conviction and an innate 'feel' for language. What a blessed role we poets share in our special kind of wordsmithing which picks the eyes out of ideas presents them succinctly and harmonically. Your craft does you credit. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Kesav Easwaran 02 May 2009

'The poet’s message will travel Longer than I hope they do; Poets love to unravel What many won’t undo'.... beautiful words...beautiful perception...beautiful conviction these lines reveal...10

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Wojja Fink 22 April 2009

had to come and read again just make sure I'm not insane............classic poetry speaks volumes.....John

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~ Jon London ~ 20 April 2009

The power that poetry shares will never be fully understood but is always felt. Thanks for another great poetic share my friend

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Rajkumar Mukherjee 20 April 2009

Dear Subroto, Actually I was in a great poetic lethargic mood contributing nothing either to the society or the family. This is a good poem about poets, a compact one with a message in last fpur lines: 'now the poet will move the unmoved, and speak like the tongue of the mind, they'ii ensure their efforts be proved that they speak for humankind' Thanks for sharing. A good read always deserves A 10-RAJKUMAR

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