Daily Commute Poem by Louis Cecile

Daily Commute

Rating: 4.2

A daily view both near and far

Awash with emotion a yearly commotion

A sea of upturned smiles

Comfort defiled

Repetition is an updated edition

Enforced is our journey

We travel with haste

Disembarked into a land of waste

Barely able to gaze at another man’s face

Footsteps of the damned

Though separated we walk hand in hand

Hypnotic the rhythm as we face indecision

Our hearts sorrowed by the incision

A way of life so cruel

Elena Sandu 30 July 2013

What a powerful poem, quite intense! It produced an interesting feel, I could feel myself in the subway train hypnotyzed by its rhythm. Thank you!

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 06 November 2011

your poem is from the heart full of emotions where we readers think about

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Ahile Kashami Ahile 20 October 2011

I love this poem.i feel like i have writen it before in different words.

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Allemagne Roßmann 28 August 2011

Splendid write of yours.Daily commute is like the democracy of thoughts which speak each other in silence, in glance on each other and then finds newspapers, agencies, radios up to express them in concrete views.You found poetry.We found expressions impressive.

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